BREAKING NEWS: Vaccinated LeBron James Tested POSITIVE For C-19 Virus!

TMZ reported that the NBA Superstar LeBron James has tested positive for C-19 and will miss a couple of games.

He joined the list of celebrities and public figures to experience a breakthrough infection of the virus even though he was vaccinated.

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TMZ shared these details:

TMZ Sports has learned LeBron James tested positive for COVID-19 this afternoon using a lateral flow test. James was given a follow-up PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. However, that test came back negative. LeBron was then given a third tie-breaker test which came back positive.

We’re told the team has chartered a private jet so Bron can fly back to Los Angeles in a safe manner.

We’re also told James is currently asymptomatic. LeBron is fully vaccinated.


If you take the test three times and you are positive, maybe you should take the fourth, just in case!

LeBron has been one of the loudest supporters of the vaccine, and he spoke about a variety of social issues. But, we can’t blame him because he’s the best to ever step on the court….

He wants to speak out on topics that he isn’t familiar with or possibly be coached on his insight.

The NBA has a large partnership with the communist nation and bullion dollars at stake.

Do you remember the stupid apology video from John Cena? China is a revenue-generating cash cow that Vince McMahon forced Cena to learn Mandarin to launch an all-out, no holds barred campaign to bag Chinese viewers.

Cena apologized as he had just gotten out of bed.

However, we hope that LeBron James is okay. He’s really good at basketball, but political celebrities and culturally immoral persons were used as a poker chip.

Other NBA star Kyrie Irving raised his voice:

Something has to be said about the African-American community’s concerns over medical mandates.

The Tuskegee Experiments represents a stain on our government, as is MKUltra, both of which preyed on helpless black people.

Our government is responsible, not the people.

Government is responsible when we question moral behavior!

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