BREAKING NEWS: Utility Workers Turned Their Backs To Biden’s Motorcade In Louisiana!

Utility workers in Louisiana embarrassed Biden with their act. I hope that he will realize what he has done to America.

The workers waited for Biden’s motorcade to pass, and when he arrived, they formed a line and turned their backs on him.

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Of course that the MSM won’t report on this.

I think that Biden regrets that he ever went to Louisiana.

After his eight months of reigning, America became a mess, chaos. The southern border is a catastrophe, and illegal aliens are pouring over, inflation, high gas prices, etc.

We lost 13 service members because Biden is incompetent to handle a situation like Afghanistan and endangered the soldiers’ lives.

After all, what Louisiana utility workers did to him was just right!

Take a look at the video below:

Read the online comments:

“No one likes these people. Biden is incompetent. Harris is MIA. Their underlings are running things. Ask Democrats a simple question: “Is America safer and better off than we were 1 YEAR ago?” Not 4 years ago. 1 year. It’s taken less than 9 months for this administration to screw things up worse than anyone could have imagined.”

“How’s he going to help anyone in LA, when he just left all those Americans in Afghanistan?” 

“Nobody needs help from a guy with Dementia” 

“Joe’s family needs to worry about him and his poor health, and leave the rest of us alone”

“I’m surprised there was no hearse in the procession. After all, he’s a walking cadaver.”

“Much respect for these good folks! “

“Well done, gentlemen.”

“Screw Joe Biden and God Bless these folks” 

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