BREAKING NEWS: Trump Is Coming!

After this article, all who read the True Defender will be fascinated and happy.

Trump was caught on camera dancing at the show’s end with Bill O’Reilly!

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The dance is back!

President Trump modified the YMCA song and said, “HOLD ON, I’M COMING!!

When that part of the text came, he pointed at himself and smirked.

I guess we should accept this as a hint!

Take a look at the video below:

It is excellent!

Twitter will rue the day they banned Trump from that social media platform. It happened because now Trump is stronger than ever.

He is in Orlando, FL, together with Bill O’Reilly! They are embarking on a history tour means to set the record straight. The suppression from social media is no longer here.

Trump speaks for the people now! They want to listen!

Check this out:

The images say everything!

Many people paid for exclusive tickets to the history tour. This isn’t a free event like the Trump rallies.

People would never pay to see Biden!

The media started sharing misinformation about the crowd size. Many photos and videos started circulating before the event even started.

You will see that the stage was empty and the music was playing.

Yahoo News reported:

There were so many empty seats at Donald Trump’s Florida event on Saturday that organizers had to shut down the upper level of the arena in Sunrise, Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Trump fans sitting in the nosebleed section of the FLA Live Arena were told that they were being “upgraded” to the lower levels, according to the newspaper.

Many tickets remained unsold before the event.

Trump appeared with former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, who was bounced from the network after accusations of sexual harassment.

One supposed audience member, in a tweet that later appeared to have been deleted, complained that the duo was an hour late — and there were a “lot of empty seats.”

At Trump OReilly show in Miami, running an hour late. Lot of empty seats, think Trump doesn’t want to come out. Getting pissed!

Particularly embarrassing was Trump’s boast in a statement posted on his aide’s Twitter account before the event: “See you in Sunrise, FL, in a little while. … Big crowds!” He signed it “President” Trump.

People who attended the history tour started speaking. So, we can conclude that the mainstream media lied.

Check this out:

The shots show that the stadium is packed to capacity! But the MSM reports that there are empty seats.

Newsweek reported:

Both Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly touted huge crowds ahead of their “History Tour.” But it kicked off at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, with many empty seats, according to local media.

“Massive crowd headed into FLA Live! The Trump/O’Reilly History show starts soon…,” O’Reilly, the former Fox host, wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“See you in Sunrise, FL, in a little while and tomorrow, Orlando,” the former president said in a statement. “Big crowds!”

But the “cavernous” FLA Live Arena had many seats that remained empty, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The top level was closed off and those who had tickets for that area were “upgraded” to the lower bowl, the newspaper reported.

Pictures on social media showed the top tier of the arena completely empty, though it was not clear when they were taken, and empty seats dotted throughout the arena.

Trump entertained the crowd with comments mocking President Joe Biden, saying the United States was no longer great and repeating baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Have you noticed that Newsweek barely shared that they don’t know the time when the photos were taken?

Newsweek Yahoo News Rumble

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