BREAKING NEWS: Thousands Of Air Force Members Don’t Want To Be Jabbed!

I'm not shocked to read this.

The US Air Force is the first military branch to advocate massive refusal of getting the C-19 vaccine! Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, on August 25, 2021, mandated the C-19 vaccine for all military branches. Now they have to get at least the first dose of the jab until November 2.

Approximately 12,000 members decided that they won’t get the shot, and the Air Force has the highest refusal rate.

Join The True Defender Telegram Chanel Here: stated that the vaccination rate of Air Force members had been drastically reduced recently.

Fox News reported:

The Air Force is the first military branch to face mass refusal for the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate since it was issued in August, according to a report by The Washington Post.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Aug. 25 directed all military branches to ensure service members receive the vaccine as numbers surged over the summer. Active duty members have until Nov. 2 to have started at least one dose of a vaccine regimen, while National Guard and Reserve members have until Dec. 2 to comply, the Air Force announced on Sept. 3.

Some 12,000 personnel have declined any vaccination regimen – down from around 60,000 at the start of October, according to the Post.

Newsmax has more details on this issue:

Up to 12,000 Air Force personnel have refused to get fully vaccinated against coronavirus despite a Pentagon mandate, and officials say it’s too late for them to do so by the Tuesday deadline, The Washington Post reported Thursday night.

The situation involving 3% of all active-duty airmen creates the first major test of Pentagon leaders who in late August announced that military personnel were required to get vaccinated.

The Post reported that more than 96% of active-duty airmen are at least partially vaccinated, according to Air Force data.

Pentagon officials, though, have warned that service members who defy the order to be fully vaccinated are subject to punishment, including possible dismissal from the service, or they could be charged in military courts, the Post said.

Forty Air Force recruits have been discharged in the past week due to vaccine refusal.

Take a look at the video below, when Pentagon announced the vaccine mandates for the troops.


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