BREAKING NEWS: Proof Of Biden’s China Payments Support Bobulinski, And Show Bidens Made Millions Of Dollars Swindling America!

In October 2020, the mainstream media, the Dems, and the Biden campaign claimed that the Tony Bobulinski story was a lie. They wanted to lie to the Americans claiming Hunter and Joe were men of character and Tony Bobulinsky was a person who lacked integrity.

We have evidence against this corrupted group, showing Bobulinski was correct.

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Yaacov Apelbaum from the Illustrated Primer reported:

Several MSM outlets have been challenging the validity of Tony Bobulinski’s claims regarding Joe Biden’s and his brother Jim’s involvement with Hunter’s China business activity. The latest NY Post forensic evaluation confirmed that Bobulinski’s email was legit. But apparently, this is not good enough for propaganda outlets like CNN, NYT and WaPo which continue to challenge these emails and any claim of “family” involvement.

Apelbaum claimed to have a small sampling of documents and digital evidence proving Bobulinski’s assertions are legit.

This content has been certified via traditional computer forensic techniques and has been authenticated via these sources and methods:

  1. Hunter Biden’s official identification documents such as driver license, passport, and birth certificate
  2. A variety of Hunter Biden’s financial records
  3. Detailed records of wire transfer activity into and out of his accounts
  4. Source documents
  5. Email and messaging activity
  6. Voice recordings
  7. Imagery, video, cell phone, laptop, and geospatial linkages


Apelbaum has evidence of payments from China. In the picture below, Hunter pushes Mervyn Yann from CEFC for payment and the subsequent wire transfers to his account and the Chinese payment to Owasco P.C., one of Biden’s businesses.

Hunter’s Owasco Company is where he made recurring transfers to a ghost person with no footprint, and the company has the name of one of the Finger Lakes in New York!

In the picture below, Apelbaum shows a document of Bidens with the Chinese CEFC and subsequent large wire transfers to a New York Bank account controlled by Hunter, Jim, and Sarah.

Apelbaum shows one letter between Hunter and China where Tony Bobulinski is introduced. There is also evidence of Hunter’s 2015 earnings ($2.5M). We can see that Ukrainian company Burisma’s payments to Hunter aren’t classified as income. Apelbaum produced some of the perks Hunter got as a result of the corrupt deals around the world. In this, we can include furs, diamonds, and a discussion with the King of Jordan:

The Bidens are criminals! And now we have the proof!

The Gateway Pundit .yaacovapelbaum

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