BREAKING NEWS: ‘’President’’ Biden Threatened All Americans!

I’m not dramatic, but this is a shakedown, and I know that! Literally, a gun/mask to your head, and Americans have to keep quiet and do what the authority wants.

In this case, Biden and the company want the Americans to get the experimental jab, even though it’s terrible for them.

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In the beginning, bribes were here – free crappy Krispie Kreme donuts for one year, only get the jab. Then, $1 million lotteries for people who got vaccinated (yes, that’s right). And when nothing worked as they expected, the stick was inevitable.


Penalties for all the people who don’t have the papers about the vaccination process. Maybe people would have to wear badges?

The name of those badges is COVID Passports, and people would have their electronic version, too.

I was saying this all the time, Biden and his administration threatened unvaccinated America’s population.

I cannot find a suitable answer for this. I don’t want to offend you, Joe Biden. We don’t make deals with terrorists, and we fight when someone threatens us.


Have you forgotten about that already? Of that doesn’t count if we have to choose whether we want to breathe CO2 and bacteria?

Also, I want to ask if the masks work?

If they work, then why do I have to get the shot? And, If everyone who wants already got the shot, then why do you care if I got it or no?

The unwanted answer is that the experimental vaccines don’t work, and everyone knows that.

Will you get the shot? You can tell us here: NATIONAL POLL: Will You Get The COVID Vaccine?

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