BREAKING NEWS: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Exposed! The Maricopa Country Voting Machine Company Audit And Recount Weren’t Right! [AUDIO]

The Gateway Pundit shared the exclusive audio of a recorded meeting with Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri. The AZ audit results and report is scheduled to be released this Friday.

Will the county supervisor remain silent until we know the results?

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Precisely on March 22, Steve Robinson and Shelby Busch attended a meeting with Steve Chucri to insist on Maricopa’s cooperation with a full forensic audit by the AZ Senate.

The courageous Patriots said that it was time to share the recordings from the audit report and its preparation and the officials’ lies.

Chucri was the only one who wanted to meet Maricopa’s residents and to talks about the severe concerns.
He agreed with most of the voters who called for an audit.

The AZ Alliance is the main organizer who played a crucial role in having the audit. The investigations are private and aren’t connected to the AZ senate’s investigation.

Chucri criticized his colleagues, especially the machines and companies that performed the audit.

Below you can hear the audio transcript.

Busch: That was my point too. Even if they do not have political aspirations beyond this and theyre done, why allow this to now erase anything that you have accomplished.

Chucri: Right, Exactly. I’m committed to people, I wanted to take out Adrian Fontes too and we did, I’m proud of that. That Guy’s a scumbag. And so why would we stop?

Busch: I dont know what happened to your colleagues.

Chucri: I dont either.

Busch: But Im hoping you can reel them back in and if we can deliver to the masses a good message, then we can turn this whole ship around.

Robinson: And if not, at least my consience is clear that we tried.

Chucri: Right, right, right. I mean, you’re surprised about that, as I am. Because remember what I said to Senator Fann. Remember, and ask her this, and remember what I said to Michelle Ugenti, “This isn’t going to be a problem. My guys are gonna agree with me.”

Busch: Yeah you told us that when we met with Guliani.

Chucri: And I said to Fann,  “Hey, just as good measure, where you call everybody and saying, hey, you know you’re supportive of an audit, and that would be great,” including Gallardo when she did. Never in a million years. You know what I think it was, in hindsight. Gates got scared because he barely won. And Jack got scared because he only won by 200 votes, and then there was an audit and a recount, which was pretty bullshit, by the way. What would happen in those two races? And that is way too self-serving.

Chucri met with Rudy Guliani, Col. Phil Waldron, Shelby Busch, and Steve Robinson in December last year. He said: “I like Col. Waldron. I don’t think he’s a crazy nut job. That guy’s pretty sharp. Very sharp… He’s not a bad actor.”

He knew that the elections had serious problems.

Why is Steve not speaking about this corruption?

Watch the video below:


The Gateway Pundit rumble

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