BREAKING NEWS: Lawsuit Reveals Fulton County 2020 Absentee Ballot Results Were Impossible, And The Files Were Modified!

The report summarized the analysis of 2020 election ballots scanned in Fulton County. The report revealed thousands of questionable ballots.

Many questions linked to what happened in the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, GA, in the 2020 election. The Arena was used as the Fulton County ballot processing center, and all 148.318 absentee ballots were scanned.

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Ballots in the Arena were expected to be authenticated first. The voters were to be identified on voter logs, and after that, the signature verification happened. The ballots have to be divided from their envelopes and arranged in batches of 100. Every ballot was scanned with five Canon DR-G2140 high-speed machines.

Every ballot’s image is created and saved.

From the last lawsuit, Fulton County created scanned absentee ballot images that were shared publicly and have been under review by different individuals and groups.

One person examined the data and found something that he couldn’t explain. The image files have timestamps that are recorded as the ballots are scanned. Those timestamps shared that the images were created faster than the physical capacity of the scanners used in the process.

The manual for the Canon DR-G2140 shared the specifications:

The manual revealed that the machine could scan up to 140 documents per minute, or 2.3 pages per second.
The rate is based on scanning standard 8 ½ X 11-inch paper.

The State Farm Arena surveillance video shows that professionals who analyzed the data measured the actual scan times, which average is 80 seconds per batch, which equals approximately 1.25 ballots per second.

The image timestamps show something different. This is image data of actual ballots scanned by the unit on 11.05.2020.

In the red boxes, eight ballots scanned in the same seconds, followed by six ballots in the next second. 14 ballots in 2 seconds?

This is something impossible!

The same scenario is replete in the image files and affects 1000 ballots. The results are not normal.

The professionals talked to a few experts about the anomalies. The specifics include the files being saved on Ethernet-connected, high-performance network drives, and other technical parameters of the arrangement, and there remains no reason and claim for these timestamps.

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The instance in which a ballot image file should be modified is if it has gone through the adjudication process.

‘’Adjudication is when the machine cannot determine the voter’s selections for various reasons, and the ballot is supposed to be sent to a bi-partisan team who looks at the markings and attempts to interpret the voter’s intent. The team votes, and if they agree, the original image is supplemented to reflect the decision.’’ The Gateway Pundit reported.

The timestamps shown above reveal that all of the files were somehow changed and modified. The images can’t be modified unless processed for Adjudication. Maybe there is an explanation for all of the ballots being adjudicated. Perhaps this was caused by a technicality affecting these ballots. However, the images appear to have been modified simultaneously, within only one hour of scanning.

Suppose we analyze the 30,000-foot level and look at all batches from the same scanner as shown below. There is a problem!

All the batches were modified. The scan times for every batch are In yellow, and the number shown in red is the amount of time between when the batch was scanned and when the batch was modified.

It was modified eight days later.

On scanner 5150, 44 batches were modified between three to eight days after the scan. The last four batches are vital as they show 0 hours between the scan and modification times. There were modified before the 44 batches.

The findings show the anomalies linked with one of the five machines used to scan absentee ballots, the process that moved on until November 5.

Check this out:

Mr. Barron’s email has four basic takeaways.

It’s clear that Mr. Barron felt the same about the scanning speed and described RonC’s finding as bizarre. The problem is that it isn’t a clam but a factual observation of Fulton County’s data.

And, he stated, ‘’You can’t modify ballot images that aren’t adjudicated.”

Furthermore, he stated that the equipment is proprietary, and the security manuals aren’t available. Barron was talking about the election system as a whole or in a general connotation, but the scanners used were Cannon consumer-off-the-shelf machines that can be purchased through many retailers.

The Gateway Pundit scribd

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