BREAKING NEWS: Jaden McNeil, America First Commentator, BANNED From Twitter! Nick Fuentes- SUSPENDED!

Numerous other America First accounts got ban and were suspended simultaneously, with some commentators hinting a purge is on the way.

Jaden McNeil is a famous America First live streamer and commentator that Twitter banned on Wednesday evening. Also, fellow commentator Nick Fuentas got temporary suspension right after McNeil.

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Thirty thousand accounts followed McNeil’s Twitter account, and it got a suspension on Wednesday. The reason that Twitter gave as a justification for the ban is unclear. McNeil was the founder of America First Students, and people know him for that. He was harshly criticized because he didn’t fully align with the America First Agenda.

Ashley Goldenberg, or widely known as Communism Kills, last year received a Twitter ban, too. The ban resulted from her questioning the mass removal of QAnon accounts from the site. Goldenberg commented on McNeil’s suspension.

“I foresee a purge going on of everyone still on Twitter,”
“The timing is too coincidental.”

Also, she revealed that before the permanent ban, Twitter sent her only one warning.

Following few minutes after Fuentes’s tweet, the America First Updates account also received a ban. It was the account that shared details about Fuentes’s live show. Together with many other pro-America First accounts, this account, too, was permanently banned from Twitter.

Fuentes received a one-week suspension after one hour from McNeil’s removal, without Twitter’s explanation.

Since he doesn’t have a Twitter account, he addressed the public on his Telegram account.
“It’s a totally coordinated purge of AF people,”
“We knew this would happen, already happened everywhere else.”

According to him, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the leftist organization that targets conservatives, was responsible for the action.

“SPLC has been gunning for me hard since January 6th,” –he concluded.

Michelle Malkin, another conservative commentator, supporting America First, tweeted.

A couple of minutes before the permanent ban, Fuentes shared that the America Frist movement supporters have to” “grow our presence on a more permanent home like Gab or Telegram.”


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