Let’s Dig In To….Flat Earth?

Many people can’t bear this article very well, but we have to tell you the truth regardless of how bad it is. We’re going to speak about the Earth’s shape, so before you say we are crazy, read this article!

You know about SGT Report and Sean’s videos. He’s the best interviewer and is not crazy because he founded and called the Earth Brothers. They were called the Flat Earth Brothers, and now their name is changed into Founded Earth Brothers.

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Many people think that ‘’Flat Earth’’ is something that mentally ill people talk about. However, the latest video is the best interview of all time, and we haven’t heard anything like that.

You have to watch this video and ask questions about everything that you know, maybe a lie.

I can’t tell you everything in one article, so we will only tell you the key points.

With all the technology and science and satellites and still not a single image from the Earth. Many think that if you click the button on the camera and take a pic, they take a bunch of smaller pictures and put them together on a PC. They didn’t click on a button and snapped the pic.

We don’t have one picture of Earth.

See this:

The images NASA shared of the Earth. The world changes colors. But now, we are only getting started. There isn’t a video of the Earth’s spinning in space. There are many videos, but we only see one a slice of the Earth,

Those space trips, we went to the moon in 1972, and we decided not to go back. Does this make any sense?

Below you can hear NASA Astronaut Don Pettit said, “we don’t have the technology to go to the moon anymore.”

Con you think of newly found land and choose not to come back, or think of an example from 1972 to 2021 that our technology isn’t progressing?

Wake up, people.

I think that many people won’t believe in this article, and the comments will be rude, but we can bear it as long as that’s the price I have to pay for being a true reporter.

Take a look at the SGT Report, and then comment on whatever you want!


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