BREAKING NEWS: Iraq War Veteran Asked ‘’Who Voted For Biden’’ In Middle Of Red Lobster!

100% Fed Up reported that the US Veterans are angry at Biden because of his disastrous decisions about Afghanistan. The Dems moved on to deflect from the most failed president in US history, telling the Americans that the most pressing issue we have today was to find the person who walked between the velvet ropes in the Capitol on January 6. Another problem we have, according to the Dems, Is to decide how to punish those who moved on investigating the 2020 election fraud.

Americans can’t see through the Dems’ deceitful actions, which, helped by the MSM, share what they want to share (that’s everything but the truth.)

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Our US service members died at the Kabul airport, and one Iraq veteran who fought in the 2008 war, in the middle of a Red Lobster restaurant, asked ‘’Who voted for Biden in 2020?’’

One responded: “He doesn’t need anyone to vote for him—It’s all the dead people!”

“No, he doesn’t—He doesn’t need anyone to vote for him,” the vet replied.

One woman recorded the video and started laughing, but then he because very serious…

“We, as American people, should stand up right now! F*CK this! he said. It’s unbelievable! We lost 11 Americans today!” the veteran said.

“I’m a veteran,” he introduced himself. “I went over in 2008, and I fought against Islamic terrorism,” the vet started explaining, “Words can’t describe my feelings,” he said.

Customers started thanking him, “I appreciate your service,” and “Thank you for your service.”
‘BRING TRUMP BACK,’’ the veteran chanted.

See below:

Over the past ten or more years, the Dems lawmakers tried to discredit our veterans. Ashli Babbitt is the best example of how much they care about military service members. The Dems publicly stated that she deserved to dies in the hands of a Capitol officer. Ashli Babbitt’s only crime was that she supported Trump!

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