BREAKING NEWS: Investigation of ‘Just the News’ Discovers Over a 100 Batches of Absentee Ballots in Fulton County May Be Missing

A Fulton County Georgia election administrator revealed earlier this week that the chain of custody paperwork required by state law are missing from the 2020 election.

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s crooked Secretary of State, is ultimately to blame (see picture above). According to the Georgia Star, an election official confirmed for the first time that chain of custody records are missing in Georgia.

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Then today, John Solomon and Just The News reported that a document audit revealed that over 100 batches of absentee ballots in Fulton County, Georgia are missing!

Is it for this reason that Fulton County leaders just engaged top criminal defense lawyers to represent them?

According to Just the News:

Significant irregularities in the Atlanta area during last November’s voting were highlighted in documents submitted to state officials as part of a post-election audit, ranging from identical vote tallies repeated multiple times to large batches of absentee ballots that appear to be missing from the official ballot-scanning records.

Thousands of ballots in a presidential election that Joe Biden was certified as winning statewide by fewer than 12,000 votes could be impacted by irregularities in largely Democratic Fulton County.

The handwritten tally sheets for all absentee ballots counted by the county, as well as a private report from a contractor hired by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to monitor the Atlanta-area election process, were among the documents obtained by Just the News. The study documented disturbing conduct such as the strange removal of a suitcase with sensitive election data known as polling pads, which were used to authenticate voters.

The contractor Seven Hills Strategy wrote late on Nov. 2, the night before Election Day, that Rick reconfiguring poll pads earlier was setting up a new precinct for SC11 since someone took the wrong luggage but only took one. “Who this person was appeared to be a mystery -> Should have chain of custody paperwork!! That someone else just walked away with vital election materials?”

The contractor also noticed that important election materials were left unattended on a pier at a warehouse. “Several cases (including SC11) were just left outside the warehouse on the loading dock,” he stated. “Thank goodness the seals were still alive.”

Dr. Peter Navarro has more to say:


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