BREAKING NEWS: GA Ballot Trafficker Confessed He Made $45,000 From Stuffing Ballot Boxes! Only One Of 242 Traffickers! (WATCH)

A breaking update!

GA ballot trafficker admitted that he made $45,000 for stuffing GA ballot boxes from two to five in the morning.

He is only one of the 242 traffickers identified by the True The Vote investigation.

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Hundreds of thousands of ballots can be stuffed into the ballot boxes in Georgia.

John Frederick joined Steve Bannon to discuss the breaking news; ballot trafficker was paid thousands of dollars to stuff ballot boxes in GA’s massive ballot harvesting scheme.

Fredericks has more information about ballot trafficking in GA in 2020.

It’s a Game changer!

This is what John Fredericks said, according to TGP!

Here’s the bottom line. You can’t ballot harvest in Georgia. What turned this around is that a whistleblower in Georgia came forward. On the tapes they identified 240 of the same people going around the state stuffing ballot drop boxes between 2 and 5 AM… where they were emptying backpacks out and they were dropping 50, 100 ballots into a dropbox. This is totally illegal… Here’s the bottom line, right? The one whistleblower that came forward beause allegedly his mom said, hey what you’re doing is wrong and you need to be honest about it. Own up to it. He said that he was paid $10 per ballot… And he made $45,000 between November 3rd and the runoff. Two elections he made $45,000!… Now do the math.
He said this was the average payout. There were 240 people of the same ones over and over in the same car involved in it. You start doing the math here. 45,000 time 240 people… You’ve got $11 million dollars distributed illegally. Then you take 4500 ballots by 240 people. You’re talking about a million ballots!

Watch this video:


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