Breaking News: Evidence of a Potential “Biden Family Curse” is Revealed in a New Report

Is Vice President Joe Biden’s family cursed by addiction?

Joe Biden in the White House is not ideal for a committed conservative like him. His views on abortion, government intervention, and other issues are troubling.

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Joe is seen by many as the antichrist’s dimwitted nephew. Many believe he is malevolent, that he despises the Constitution, and that he has no qualms about selling out the country for a few million dollars.

While all of this is true, according to a recent revelation in the Daily Mail, Joe is also a tragic figure.

Five close members of the Biden family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol problems, according to WikiLeaks text messages. These are only the people that have asked for assistance.

It’s unclear how many more may be on the way.

According to DailyMail.com, five members of Joe Biden’s close family have gone to rehab for drug or alcohol misuse.

Frank, the president’s brother, his children Hunter and Ashley, his niece Caroline, and his late son’s widow, Hallie, who also became Hunter’s lover, have all struggled with addiction and spent time in treatment centers – some on a judge’s orders.

Despite Joe’s best efforts, the specter of addiction appears to be pursuing some of his closest family members.

A text message interaction between Hunter and Joe is particularly distressing.

Joe even referred to his son’s addiction as a “sickness from mommy and me” in text conversations to Hunter.

That exchange is one of the first indications that Joe’s family is dealing with an addiction problem that runs in the family. For many, it has all the signs of a generational curse.

Things worsen when you learn that his family has been harmed by people who have also struggled with addiction.

According to an October 2020 New York Times profile, Joe Biden is a teetotaler after witnessing the ravages of alcoholism on his favorite uncle, whom he lived with as a child.

Despite the fact that the truck driver involved in the 1972 accident that killed his first wife and daughter was not charged with a DUI and authorities discovered no proof of drunk driving, the president has previously accused him of being intoxicated at the time.

Joe can’t seem to break free from the grip of addiction, no matter how hard he tries. He’s even attempted a nationwide campaign against it.

When he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he criticized George Bush Sr1980s .’s War on Drugs for being “not aggressive enough” and wrote punitive laws with tougher terms for drug offences.

Joe’s daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, and notorious son, Hunter Biden, have both struggled in recent years.

Last year, when images and messages from his abandoned laptop fell into the hands of the media, the President’s wayward son became the poster child for drug addiction’s ruinous effects. His downward spiral into crack smoking and sordid affairs with prostitutes was laid bare when images and messages from his abandoned laptop fell into the hands of the media.

However, texts on the laptop suggest that Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s wife who became his lover after Beau died of brain illness in 2015, had gone to rehab four times, at a cost of more than $100,000, part of which allegedly was paid for by Joe Biden.

Joe’s daughter, Ashley Biden, who has worked on her father’s campaigns throughout the years, has received less media attention.

Things became considerably worse in the 2000s after years of being arrested for possession and illegal activity.

She was detained for the third time in August 2002, when she was accused of blocking authorities attempting to break up a bar fight in Chicago.

After one of the offenders tossed a bottle at the cops, she allegedly “blocked the officer’s route and made intimidating words.”

An unidentified source approached the New York Post in March 2009 with a video purporting to show Ashley snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware.

The video was not purchased by the Post, but a report about it was published.

According to the publication, a lady who resembled Ashley inhaled lines of white powder on a desk via a red straw and then shouted “Shut the f*** up” to others in the room in the footage.

According to the Washington Post, lawyers promoting the video for their client claimed, “At one point she very much complains that the line isn’t big enough,” and “She talks about her father,” and that they had been promised $250,000 for the film.

Ashley, her family, and the White House did not answer to calls for comment from the Washington Post at the time, and they have yet to respond to DailyMail.com’s current demands for comment.

This is a lot of turmoil to deal with for one family. Indeed, from the outside, it appears that the Biden family is suffering from some type of curse. One who passes from one generation to the next.

One has to question what the origins of such a “curse” are.

Could the cause, according to these and other stories, be that the Biden family has functioned with little conviction or allegiance other than the idea and worship of riches at all costs?

Insatiable desire appears to be a bucket full of holes.

According to Hunter’s laptop, the Bidens have had to spend at least $100,000 or more on rehabs in order to fight the war on addiction.

It’s unknown how much more money is needed to keep kids like Hunter from going to prison.

One thing is undeniable. Joe’s family is not behaving in a normal privileged entitled manner. It’s almost as though the Bidens are being punished for their actions.

Could this be the result of a nation’s ill seed being sown for decades?

Is it possible to have a hand in destroying a nation’s moral fiber and reap this kind of reward?


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