BREAKING NEWS: Bombshell Presentation Exposed The Identities Of Maricopa County Election Employees Who Erased Files From The Server Before The Maricopa County Audit!

We, The People AZ Alliance, were hosts of an election security forum in Maricopa County on Saturday, which included testimony from expert witnesses and state legislators. The hearing was informal, moderated by investigative journalist Lara Logan.

People saw evidence of the fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election and addressed the concerns in the 2022 elections.

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A bombshell testimony in the hearing was included that exposed the identities of those in Maricopa County who erased subpoenaed 2020 Election files before delivery to AZ Senate auditors.

We can conclude that the County was hiding something.

Lara shared breaking news and revealed that the Biden administration gives social security numbers to the illegals at the border.

Matt Vanbibber shared his public footage revelations from the Maricopa County Elections Department. In the end, he revealed the identities who deleted election files from the Elections Management Server in April 2021.

The data was deleted before the machines were delivered to Senate auditors in compliance with a subpoena.

These data should have been kept for 22 months.

Maricopa County officials confessed that the files were deleted in a Congressional hearing, but later they walked it back and stated that the data was archived.

Vanbibber revealed that Maricopa County election Database Administrator Brian Ramirez was granted unauthorized entry to the server room on many occasions.

He doesn’t have the required credentials to access the server room, but Vanbibber shared that he falsely used the identities of people who were authorized to access.

Vanbibber: So basically, you have Brian entering the server room, and remember I told you he does not have badge access. We, The People, actually collected server room logs from Maricopa. So I went through all this video footage and matched it with the logs. What you see is Brian has Passarelli’s card in the server room, and he also has Charles Cooley’s badge as well.

Logan: So, Brian is accessing the server room using the identities and cards of other people.

Maricopa County policies ask two people in the server room when someone uses the keyboard video monitor.

But, this rule was broken because Brian was alone on many occasions.



Vanbibber: Here she is letting Brian into the server room at that time, and here he is getting on the console. And then you guys know the rest of the history.


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