BREAKING NEWS: Biden – Maternity Will Not Be Excused For Female Soldiers?!

With each next statement, he is exposing the true nature – a selfish, old prick.

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In the public speech he gave regarding International Women’s Day, Joe Biden announced that he planned to start making “maternity flight suits” for pregnant women!

He is obviously planning to send pregnant women to serve the U.S Army – so pregnancy would not exclude a female soldier from duty?!

“We are making good progress, designing body armor that fits women properly,” Biden said during the speech. “Tailoring combat uniforms for women. Creating maternity flight suits. Updating requirements for their hair styles.”

This was obviously not a gaffe.

But, he didn’t fail to make one! He forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense – Lloyd Austin!

Several reporters following his state are concerned, and spoke out to the public, saying that his state is pretty serious.

A particular one, reporter Steve Bannon pointed to Biden’s mental state and well-being, stating that his “eyes are now dead.”

That can’t be good!

Watch the full Interview on Real America’s Voice:


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