BREAKING NEWS: AZ School Board President Doesn’t Want To Resign! He Blames Bad Actors For His Family’s Dossier! Parents Asked For New Board Election!

Scottsdale Unified School District had an emergency meeting at 6 pm today to choose a new Board President.

The members considered the disgraced Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg’s resignation during the meeting.

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AZ State Representative Joseph Chaplik talked to a presser outside the schoolhouse right before the meeting. He asked about the motives of the jury board that elected Greenburg their president and asked for resignation from all school officials that had any knowledge of the Greenburg Dossier.

The host also asked about the mask mandates and the critical race theory. He asked if those were tools that helped in creating the enemy list of parents.

Jann Michael Greenburg is under investigation because of his involvement in a dossier having in-depth parental and family info belonging to concerned parents in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jann Michael stated:

Greenburg: I will briefly read a short statement… In my duty as a school board leader it is important to me that each member of our SUSD community is heard. This input helps us build and maintain a learning environment where our students can thrive. I believe in this community and want us all to work together and learn from each other even when we disagree. I am reassured the Scottsdale Police Department is investigating this matter. There appear to be bad actors involved and I am confident our law enforcement professionals will quickly resolve these issues. Social media in today’s political environment can cloud judgment and generate fear that can cause all of us to react hastily, as I believe has occurred here. I commit to you and I commit to myself to stay focused on the most important role I have as a school board leader: ensuring Scottsdale students are learning in the classrooms and have the world-class, future-focused education they deserve. I thank the community for entrusting me with this monumental task, and I will do my part to leave the fear and politics out of the important work we must do together. Thank you. 

He attempted to call a private session to change the meeting plan in the middle of it.

Board Member Libby Hart-Wells commented on why Scottsdale immediately needs a new school board president and why she asked for this meeting to dethrone Jann Greenburg.

Jann answered:

Greenburg: The chair would like to call another executive session for discussion or consultation for legal advice with the governing board’s attorney on any item that is listed on this agenda. Is there a second?

No second. Is there a motion?

Board Member Hart-Wells, I would like to say that I do appreciate your perspective on this matter. But I do believe that we do not have all the facts and without all the facts, we cannot make a decision that is in the best interest of the district and that is why I so strongly support the investigations that have been announced and those that are being done in private. Because once we have all the facts, then we should make a decision that is in the best interest of the district. So thank you. Are there any other board member questions or comments on action Item 5A, election of new board president? Are there any motions?

Greenburg fought against the motion to move forward with his agenda and elect a new board president, stating that they may not take two motions on one action item.

He suggested that another meeting will be held to move forward on this agenda item.

SUSD Board Member Patty Beckman was nominated by Hart-Wells, but Jann-Michael attempted to substitute the motion and nominate his second in command, SUSD Board Vice President Julie Cieniawski.

Julie Cieniawski did not accept her nomination, and Patty Beckman was nominated board president.

Amanda Wray, a victim of Jann Greenburg, says that Julie Cieniawski knew about the secret dossier kept by Greenburg.

It makes sense that she refused Jann-Michael’s nomination. When will Cieniawski resign?

Jann-Greenburg has denied responsibility since the discovery of his spying and his dossier was made. Today, he told the whole world, “I do believe that we do not have all the facts” and that “bad actors” were involved.

Here are the facts:

** School board President Jann-Michael Greenburg was recently caught spying on and harassing parents in his school district.

** He treated his constituents like they were political enemies and information was later compiled for an online dossier.

** Jann-Michael’s father, Mark Greenburg created the ‘Greenburg Dossier’ where confidential information, including parents’ social security numbers were found.

** The dossier also contained divorce proceedings, mortgage documents, family trees, family contact information, extensive background checks, court case summaries, and hidden camera footage.

Mark Greenburg has confessed that he used private investigators to find information and record licensed plate numbers. He also stalked social media pages and complied as much info as he could from other websites.

Take a look at the video below.

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