BREAKING News About Vaccines! Infant Formula Rationing States! The Bombshells Are About To Come!

In the latest Situation Update podcast, you will hear about the Stew Peters documentary, including bombshell new research from Dr. Brian Ardis. It has been released today.

Brighteon shared the first out of three-parts-interview with Dr. Ardis.

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Only indy media interviews with dr.Ardis has been completed and will start rolling out across free speech platforms in the next two days,

The fact checkers will try to destroy this information.

There’s an effort to scrub the internet of hundreds of documents confessing to all this. Other researchers have done the same. The files were given to different journalists and investigators, and there weren’t loose ends.

When you hear the bombshells from Dr. Aeids, it will change your perspective. You will hear what COVID is and how you can treat covid vaccine injuries.

It reveals the source for ramdesivir and explains why that medicament causes so many deaths.

Also, you will learn why you shouldn’t drink city water.

Instant formula rationing has started as Walgreens limits purchases.

We have warned you that rail shipments of grain supplies will cause food shortages.

Before the wave arrived, Walgreens started limiting purchases of infant formula because of the supply chain failures.

“This is a shocking number that you don’t see for other categories.” – Ben Reich, CEO of Datasembly. “We’ve been tracking it over time, and it’s going up dramatically. We see this category is being affected by economic conditions more dramatically than others….”

The dairy shortages have started, and they will be far worse this year.

Food prices are rising 12.6% every month, and food prices double every six months.

That’s Joe Biden’s America!

More Bombshell Intel on What’s happening in Ukraine.

The Intel:

INTEL FLASH: In the next 2 weeks, you are going to see POW videos coming out of Russia, showing high-level American, French and NATO military officials who have been captured by Russia in Eastern Ukraine. These POWs will admit to running illegal interrogation and torture campaigns that they carried out with the Ukraine government. They will serve as proof that NATO was running a proxy war against Russia, using Ukraine as the staging ground. It will also show that NATO officials were tightly coordinated with actual Nazis who sought to carry out ethnic genocide against the Russian people via genetically-targeted bioweapons releases. Ultimately, the bioweapons funding will be traced back to the Biden family.

More than a hundred NATO military commanders are trapped as prisoners. Rumors circle that the ground game in Ukraine is run by the US and NATO, and they are collaborating with Azov Nazis.

The noose tightens around the remaining Ukraine forces. Of course, they will be destroyed in the upcoming days. The US ordered Ukraine to sacrifice its young lives and not to surrender to Russia.

The CDC blamed gay lifestyles for vaccine injuries.

The other bombshell topic covered today represents the fact that the CDC blames gay lifestyles for vaccine injuries.

The CDC claimed that there’s an outbreak of meningitis among the gay men living in Florida, but the symptoms resemble covid vaccine side effects.

The CDC urges gay and bisexual men to get vaccinated.

When gay people are vaccinated with the C-19 vaccines, they have increased production of spike protein nanoparticles, transmitted to gay sex partners through anal intercourse.

So when a vaccinated gay man has sex with another man, they spread depopulation weapons across their community.

Dr. Ardis explained why vaccinated gay people are toxic to other men. This community still isn’t aware of this, but there’s a massive CDC cover-up that is a risk to the people pursuing gay lifestyles.

Even heterosexual partners should know about the vaccination status of their partner because women who are vaccinated may be unable to conceive because of the ovary-damaging effects of the vaccines.

Watch the video below:

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