BREAKING NEWS: 87% Of The People Who Have Died – Are Vaccinated!

There is an enormous increase in COVID deaths. And what’s more terrifying – the people who are daying have already been fully vaccinated!

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the official statistics that are about to be revealed are taken from Scotland and England, and the numbers are shocking!

“Public Health Scotland (PHS) has released a weekly report on Covid-19 statistics covering data on testing, vaccinations, hospitalizations, and deaths. We’ve been studying the reports by the week and recently told you how the report released on the 23rd June 2021 announced that 5,522 people had died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland.

A few weeks ago we noticed that Public Health Scotland was being very clever with the way they were presenting the data, in what seems to be an attempt to hide a shocking statistic in regards to Covid-19 deaths and the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately for PHS, they weren’t quite clever enough, as their latest report has allowed us to uncover the shocking statistic that they were attempting to hide.

Public Health Scotland has been presenting data on cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccination status. However, we noticed that they were particularly clever in the way they were presenting the data on deaths.

The data on both cases and hospitalizations have been presented with a total for each week within the last 4 weeks prior to the date of the report.”

“The above clearly shows that the majority of positive cases of Covid-19 between 26th June and 23rd July have been people who weren’t vaccinated, accounting for 57% of all cases. However, in the most recent week, between 17th July and 23rd July we can see that the tables have turned and those who’ve had the Covid-19 vaccine account for 52% of positive cases.

Table 16 of PHS 28th July report is also presented in the same fashion, showing weekly totals within the past four weeks on the number of Covid-19 related hospital admissions.”

“The above shows a slightly different story though to what we have seen in terms of confirmed cases. That’s because the majority of hospital admissions have been people who have been vaccinated, accounting for 50.8% of all admissions. What’s interesting about this is the number of admissions against the number of alleged positive cases.

From the 26th June to the 23rd July 2021, PHS claim that 38,067 positive cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the unvaccinated population. However within the same time frame just 15,485 positive cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in the fully vaccinated population.

However, of the unvaccinated population, 863 people have been hospitalised in the same time frame. Whereas of the fully vaccinated population, 763 people have been hospitalised in the same time frame.

This means that just 2.3% of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated population have resulted in hospitalisation. Whereas 5% of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the fully vaccinated population have resulted in hospitalisation. There is a slight flaw to this analysis in respect of there will be a lag between a confirmed case and hospitalisation, but even so this clearly shows that the jabs are not quite doing what they claim to do “on the tin”.


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