BREAKING NEWS: 15-Year-Old Michigan Shooter Identified! Teen Tried As Adult – Charged With Terrorism And Murder! [WATCH]

This Wednesday, Ethan Crumble (15) from Oxford High School was charged with murder, terrorism, and other crimes because he killed four classmates and injured many others in a horrific shooting rampage at the Michigan school.

The four victims were Tate Myre (16), Hana St. Juliana (14), Madisyn Baldwin (17), and Justin Shilling (17). Additionally, eight other people were injured, seven students and one teacher. The woman was treated and discharged.

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The prosecutors said that the teen would be charged and tried as an adult.

This Wednesday afternoon, Oakland County prosecutors charged Crumbley with many charges of murder and terrorism that caused death.

Prosecutors stated that Crumbley would be charged with 24 charges. They have said they may charge the killer’s father because he didn’t keep his gun out of the children’s reach.

As a possible motive, the prosecutors didn’t share anything, and they also didn’t comment if the victims were targeted.

Karen McDonald, the county prosecutor, said that the police had collected “a mountain of digital evidence” showing the murder was premeditated.

A couple of days before the shooting, the killer posted on Instagram an image showing the gun he used in the attack. Sig Sauer’s 9mm handgun, which belonged to the father, was new. The boy pretended that the gun was his and wrote, ‘Just got my new beauty today. SIG Sauer 9MM. Ask any questions I will answer.’

The AP reported:

A concerned parent, Robin Redding, said her son, 12th-grader Treshan Bryant, stayed home Tuesday after hearing threats of a possible shooting.

“This couldn’t be just random,” she said.

Bryant said he had heard vague threats “for a long time now” about plans for a shooting.

Crumbley is in police custody, and he refused to cooperate with investigators.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard shared that Crumbley wasn’t speaking and was uncooperative at the facility he was held.

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