BREAKING: New Jersey Focal Point For Republican Politics! Trump Leaves Mar-A-Lago!

Do you remember that Florida was a swing state, but in the 2020 election, it wasn’t even close? President Donald Trump transformed it into a RED STATE! He knows that…

Because of that, Trump takes his operation and puts it on the offense.

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The latest information that filled the headlines is that Trump will be moving his base of operations to New Jersey.

However, New Jersey is typically a blue state, but in the last few elections dominate Republican leaders. One example is Chris Christie.

Regarding the coronavirus pandemic and Biden economic response, New Jersey is the battleground for Republicans. Analyzing Trump’s latest move, he is implying precisely that. According to the reports, this change will occur right after this weekend.


At Mar-a-Lago will be a Mother’s Day brunch, and following the brunch, the move to New Jersey will begin.

The Daily Mail first shared these details.

Former President Donald Trump will move his political and fundraising base to his New Jersey golf club for the summer after attending a Mother’s Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago on Sunday, according to sources familiar with the plans.

It puts him close to New York’s financial center and within helicopter distance of glitzy parties, where billionaires rub shoulders during the Hamptons summer season.

And it means Bedminster, Trump’s championship golf course, will become the center of operations as his allies plot against their enemies in the Republican party.

A source told DailyMail.com that Mother’s Day was Trump’s signal to leave.

‘The main house will close till the fall, and the Trumps will depart to spend the summer at their club in Bedminster,’ he said.

Florida Republican operative Larry Casey said Trump was a creature of habit.

‘It’s what he has done for 20 years – spend the winter in Florida and then go back north,’ he said.

Instead of beating a path to Mar-a-Lago for an audience with Trump, he added, ambitious Republicans, will head to his New Jersey golf club at Bedminster.

‘All these people will want to have fundraisers for their campaigns, and they’ll want to be at Donald Trump’s Bedminster club,’ he said.

‘And you’ll get the big financial wizards from New York City who can visit for the day instead of having to stay overnight in Florida.’

The Mother’s Day brunch is the last event at Mar-a-Lago before the club closes for the summer.

Trump offered a farewell of sorts last week.

‘So I just want to thank everybody,’ he said at an event to endorse Missouri Rep. Billy Long. ‘This is sort of a close-out. Now we go through the summer. We’ll be back here in October, maybe a little bit sooner.’

Trump WH was notorious for leaks, done mainly by unfaithful individuals. However, the smaller circle is 100% secure!

Because Trump’s intentions for 2024 are tightly sealed, only statements approved by Trump are coming out!

The rumors turned out to be accurate!

The New York Post also confirmed this information!

Former President Donald Trump will be heading to his New Jersey golf club for the summer on Sunday — departing Mar-a-Lago after a Mother’s Day brunch, a report said.

The move means Trump’s political and fundraising operations will be headquartered at his Bedminster golf course for the season; sources told the Daily Mail.

Since leaving office in January, Trump has been living at his Palm Beach club, which is also his primary residence.

After Mother’s Day, “The main house will close till the fall, and the Trumps will depart to spend the summer at their club in Bedminster,” a source told the publication.

The seasonal residence switch is nothing new for the former president.

“It’s what he has done for 20 years – spend the winter in Florida and then go back north,” Florida Republican operative Larry Casey told the Daily Mail.

We hope that changes will bring good to America!

I can’t wait to hear more from Trump!

What will be President Trump’s next move?

Please share your opinion in the comment section below or on our Telegram Chanel.

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