BREAKING: MLB Just Made Their Worst Decision Yet

MLB can’t seem to resist making poor choices… We’ve all heard about the disastrous Georgia All-Star Game.

And just as you think things can’t get any worse for Major League Baseball, they go and do something so stupid that the person who thought of it should be shot by now.

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Look at what’s going on in the NBA: America is sick and tired of sports teams becoming partisan, and they’re letting their feelings be known. Because of the bungling antics of “King James,” their ratings are at an all-time low.

So, with this information, what does the MLB do? With this latest bonehead move, they go even more political.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is now asking fans about their political affiliation in their latest post-game poll about the stadium experience, according to Breitbart.

A recent study reveals that fans are concerned about their political affiliation in a ballpark encounter in a post-game survey, putting MLB under new scrutiny. MLB says that the questions about political affiliations are “part of the comprehensive fan surveys MLB is undertaking this year about the ballpark experience,” according to a study from National Review.

What are they thinking, these people? They’re doubling down on the one thing that the American people don’t like. They are deserving of anything bad that happens to them.

The surveys are being conducted to “gain information about fan attitudes, desires, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the league.

In only a month, pro-sport Republicans’ approval rating fell by 35 points, from 47 percent to 12 percent. According to Morning Consult, the MLB had the “highest net favorability rating among Republicans of the four major sports leagues before the All-Star Game decision.”

If MLB needs a poll to find out that Americans are tired of politics and social problems interfering with their sports, they’re in more trouble than we thought.

Good riddance to these sports jerks who can’t even love their fans.


Margaret Taylor

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