BREAKING: Michael Yeadon With A FINAL WARNING To Humanity!

If you have been following the situation, you have probably noticed a trend… The top health scientist sounds the alarm! 

Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA vaccines, Dr. Zelenko, the creator of the Z-stack, and now, Michael Yeadon, the former Chief Scientist At Pfizer! 

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They all ring the alarm about the vaccines and the entire pandemic! 

We have to listen to these people; they are smart, intelligent, well-educated, and have high experience in the sphere they are working in! These personas are professionals! 

Listen to this short video as a warm-up activity. 

Check this out too:

This is what I think:

Here’s the interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon: 

The mRNA vaccine’s spike protein is hazardous. Many experts have said it before, and I believe them, the shots are artificially created bioweapons. 

People who trusted the vaccines, and voted for the Dems, started doubting the substances in the shots. They have opened their eyes. The population starts to wake up! Many people who received the vaccines now struggle with severe side effects of them. 

Numerous reports are showing serious magnetism after the vaccine, the loss of use of limbs reported by celebrities like Eric Clapton, the deaths surpassed 5,000 as VAERS Shows, etc. 

Something isn’t right! 

If you are already vaccinated, you want to recover and restore your immune system, and you want to fight impending death from the spike protein, then we may help you. 

Declaimer: We aren’t doctors, and we don’t practice medicine, and this isn’t medical advice. We are journalists and report all the things we hear from different qualified personas. You have to consult your doctor before taking any supplement, vitamin, medicine, and anything else. 

However, we think that what you will read here will help you pass the disease much faster and much easier than if you listen to Dr. Fauci, Brixx, who constantly spreads lies! 

But, we report, and you decide! 

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chaga Mushroom Tea, C60, and hydroxychloroquine are the most effective drugs that people have to consume! 

Clif High has the best remedy for C-19, and that is large doses of vitamin Vitamin D, Chaga Mushroom Tea, C60, and of course, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin may be highly effective!

Take a look at the video below:

Cliff explains the harmful effect that spike protein has on our body and discusses the C60 power and why you should consume it.

You need large doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to maintain certain blood levels, and then Clif recommends C60 too.

Watch the video on Rumble:

C60 is a powerful vitamin, and below you can read the reports about it.

Twitter Rumble Politifact

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