BREAKING: Maricopa Audit Continues! New Judge Concerned About ‘’Constitutional Rights’’ Of Voters In Maricopa County!

The court case in Maricopa continued with the new Judge Martin. He is hearing the arguments from the Dems who want to stop the audit and the team who performs it. 

The Epoch Times shared a full report on this issue. 

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I think this was a very productive and useful hearing. I still have some thinking to do about the requested relief from the plaintiffs. I will do that between now and tomorrow morning,” Martin said.

Democrats last week filed a last-minute lawsuit seeking to block the audit in Maricopa County, hours before the audit was slated to start. They claimed contractors hired by the Arizona Senate, which ordered the election review, were not properly securing ballots and equipment.

The audit of over 2 million ballots and dozens of electronic tabulators started on April 23.

Arizona’s Senate subpoenaed the election documents and machines in January and a judge the following month ruled the subpoenas were valid and must be obeyed.

Defendants, including the Senate, say that since the process is already underway, along with an alleged lack of standing and substantive claims, means the judge should not stop the audit.

“An injunction of even a day may derail this audit,” Alexander Kolodin, an attorney for Cyber Ninjas, one of four firms conducting the process, told the court.

Kory Langhofer, an attorney for the Senate, told Martin that the Senate “has always intended to follow the law” but that the case raised the question of what the law requires.

The Senate believes everything plaintiffs want either does not apply or is already being done, he said, adding: “There is no need for an injunction at all.”

The liberal reporter Brahm Resnik spews liberals for taking points that this audit represents rogue audit; the former Perkins Coie lawyer and the new Arizona Judge Martin said he was concerned about the rights of the Maricopa County’s voters. 

Brahm tweeted that the auditors are doing their best to end this audit until May 14. 

They cannot stop the audit, and below, we present you with a couple of reasons why. 

  1. It is the most transparent audit ever! The officials placed nine cameras that transmit the audit and auditors’ work LIVE at AZAudit.org; It isn’t mandated by Arizona law. The auditors provide it, so all the people can see what is happening. 
  2. Maricopa county has previously performed an audit but of a few ballots. Their scope was minor, and they allowed the invalid ballots to be included in the final results. Only little assurance was provided that the election was real. 
  3. Cyber Ninja-led audit reviews every ballot in the County. They examine every single ballot individually. Providing 100% assurance that the ballot is legal. 
  4. Neither one ballot includes names and ID details, so the voting rights aren’t violated. 
  5. The massive audit takes a short time. 
  6. Transparency is on its highest level. Nine cameras are LIVE streaming the audit 24/7. 
  7. The judge shouldn’t be concerned about the audit. Shredded ballots, ballots on the truck, and moved in the middle of nowhere without a legal duty are the tools used by this Republican and Democrat group. 
  8. Maricopa, Arizona, and the U.S. population have to know the accurate result of the 2020 election! 

Judge Martin, we beg you this audit to continue! 

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