BREAKING: Liberals Are FURIOUS Because Of The Failed $15 Minimum Wage!

Liberals seem to be the group that is most upset about the failed move to raise the federal’s wage to a double of $15 per hour!

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This is leading to sam massive inside turnovers, fluctuations, and disappointment, which has been especially visible among the Liberals.

The Senate’s leading proponent of a $15 minimum wage, Senator Bernie Sanders appealed to his colleagues from the Democrats, to “ignore the parliamentarian’s ruling”, adding that he himself would force a vote on that matter this very week.

Here is his original statement:

“My personal view is that the idea that we have a Senate staffer, a high-ranking staffer, deciding whether 30 million Americans get a pay raise or not is nonsensical. We have got to make that decision, not a staffer who’s unelected, so my own view is that we should ignore the rulings, the decision of the parliamentarian.”

On the other side. there is Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who stands against the $15 minimum wage, though he does support raising it to $11 an hour. It is of crucial meaning to mention his role since, without him, the Democrats don’t even have a total of 50 votes in the Senate! And when he was questioned about his personal position on this, and whether he was ever going to change his mind, he answered with increased frustration: “Jesus Christ! What don’t you understand about never?”

And, apparently, the Liberals want to raise the pressure on Manchin, Sinema, and their own leaders to take some kind of action given the party’s control of the House, Senate, and the White House. They really want to see the $15 minimum wage happening!

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), is yet another influential progressive who supports the proposal. However, she’s aware that the huge problem is actually the Senate’s filibuster rule, which requires that legislation passes with 60 votes if it faces procedural objections.

Here is her original statement:

“If we would get rid of the filibuster, then we wouldn’t have to keep trying to force the camel through the eye of the needle. Instead, we would do what the majority of Americans want us to do, and in this particular case, that raises the minimum wage,” Warren noted.

The conclusion here is the following: with the current situation, without any protection from the budget rules – the Democrats would need the additional support of 10 Senate Republicans to pass the legislation on the raise of the minimum wage.


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