BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Has a Clever New Plan To Steal The Recall Election

The Democratic plan may be summed up in one phrase: “If you can’t win, cheat!”

And Governor Gavin Newsom intends to “cheat” in his next recall election. Indeed, California Democrats recently enacted a bill that completely rigs the election in favor of Newsom.

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According to the Daily Wire, California Democrats passed SB 152, which allows them to speed up the recall election by at least 30 days. Newsom’s opponents will have less time to campaign, and Californians will have less time to learn about the folks running against him.

“The conclusion is irrefutable that Gavin Newsom is cheating in the recall and this Legislature is his willing accomplice,” Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said of the decision.

“It is an attempt to put a thumb on the scale, to try to gain a partisan conclusion for one side,” Republican Assemblyman Vince Fong said.

The following was added by the Associated Press:

The Democrats’ plan would allow the recall election to be held “at least 30 days earlier than required by state law.” As the state moves on from the darkest days of the pandemic and accompanying restrictions, Democrats aim to take advantage of what they see as favorable conditions for Newsom.

Kevin Kiley had the ideal reaction to the news:

The plot of this narrative is continuously unfolding. Keep an eye out for additional information on the recall election, which is shaping up to be another another massive fraud…


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