BREAKING FOOTAGE: A DOJ Prosecutor Says Trump Can Be Charged For The Riots?!

A prosecutor from the Department of Justice truly believes that President Trump could end up getting charged and prosecuted for the Capitol riots from the 6th of January!

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Michael Sherwin made this bombshell statement on “60 Minutes” just this Sunday!

“Has the role of former President Trump been part of your investigation?” Pelley asked him.

“It’s unequivocal that Trump was the magnet that brought the people to D.C. on the 6th,” replied Sherwin, making his argument.

“So does that mean that Trump is “criminally culpable for everything that happened during the siege, during the breach?” Pelley asked in reply.

Sherwin stated: “We have plenty of people– we have soccer moms from Ohio that were arrested saying, ‘Well, I did this because my president said I had to take back our house.’ That moves the needle towards that direction,” Sherwin argued.

“Maybe the president is culpable for those actions,” the prosecutor insinuated. “But also, you see in the public record too, militia members saying, ‘You know what? We did this because Trump just talks a big game. He’s just all talk. We did what he wouldn’t do.’”

“In short, you have investigators looking into the president’s role?” asked Pelley once more, to be certain.

“We have people looking at everything, correct,” Sherwin answered. “Everything’s being looked at.”

The media, written and published, has been continuously arguing and pushing pro-charging arguments against President Trump for the happenings from the 6th of January.

Here’s an example from The Week:

“Trump must be prosecuted.”

And another one from the Washington Post.

Trump can and must be prosecuted,”

Aaaand another one, from the Business insider!

 “Trump must be prosecuted, or we should just admit presidents are above the law.”

Here’s the statement of ABC.

“Lawyers inside the Washington, DC attorney general’s office are working to determine if it is legally viable to use district statutes to charge former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the insurrection.”


However, according to a legal report, “the Supreme Court has already ruled on the matter of civil litigation against a sitting president. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court upheld in Nixon v. Fitzgerald that a former president is entitled to “absolute immunity from liability for civil damages arising from any official action taken while in office.” It should be noted that this would also encompass legal arguments about criminal negligence.”

However, the only absolutely clear directive that President Trump stated in his January 6th speech, was that the people who would try to protest would do that “peacefully and patriotically.”

And there are numerous videos to prove this!


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