BREAKING: Finally, The Police Reveals The True Cause Of Tiger Woods’ Car Crash!

Woods’ incident made me crazy!

The entire situation is odd!

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On February 23, the golfing legend Tiger Woods faced a car crash, and the injuries required surgery.

After 44 days, we acknowledge the real cause of the accident. The police have finally revealed it.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva had a press conference on Wednesday to share information about the Tiger Woods’ crash. From his explanation, we learned that the incident happened due to Tiger’s driving at an unsafe speed.

His vehicle reached a speed between 84 and 87 mph. When the car hit the tree, the speed was 75mph, double the allowed speed in that zone, 45 mph.

Investigation showed no sign of any impairment. Also, Tiger couldn’t recall a single moment of the wreck.

However, in the press, Villanueva did his best to tell the reporters that Woods wasn’t given a preferential treatment of any kind in this case.

“I know there’s some saying somehow he received special or preferential treatment of some kind, that is absolutely false,” – Los Angeles County Sheriff stated.

“There was no signs of impairment. Our primary concern at the scene of the collision was his safety. This is where you have to switch gears and make sure the person can survive and receives medical care.” – He continued.

Moreover, Villanueva stated that the officers couldn’t obtain a search warrant if there weren’t any signs of impairment. Also, he said that in this case wasn’t any special treatment, and they would do the same with any other person in this situation.

Last week the sheriff stated that not a single piece of information would reach the public until they get the Woods’ permission. Now, they obtained it, so he had a press conference to share the cause of the car crash.

From the sheriff’s explanation, we can see what really happened.

After the crash, police investigated the golfer’s SUV’s black box, with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Captain James C Powers, revealing that Tiger’s acceleration pedal percentage was 99% throughout all the zones of the impact.

“There was no evidence of braking throughout this collision,” Powers said.

“It is speculated and believed that Tiger Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal causing that 99% grading on the accelerator pedal.” – he explained.

Because there was a tricky curve in the road, Woods couldn’t control his vehicle, so that the accident happened.

The weirdest thing, in this case, is that the police never took blood samples. At least they could test him for drug and alcohol usage.

At this moment, Tiger struggles with severe leg injuries, and he is recovering at his home in Jupiter, Florida.

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