BREAKING: Fauci Admits COVID May Have Been from a Lab

Rat-in-a-Potato-Potato-Potato-P In his most recent flip-flop, Dr. Fauci eventually accepted that the COVID-19 virus could not have arisen naturally.

Fauci made the remarks on the far-left Politifact channel, which has been spreading false information about the COVID crisis for over a year.

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Politifact hack: Sen. Rand Paul, with whom you’ve had disagreements in the past, said that you and the NIH sponsored risky research that was later linked to COVID-19? I don’t want to linger too long on this, but I do want to give you the opportunity to respond to his remarks today.

Dr. Fauci: That’s completely absurd. It is not helpful to bring that up. He was implying that we had sponsored research in China that could lead to dangerous findings. That isn’t the case at all. As a result, what he was saying was completely false. It’s very sad that he mentioned it. It just serves to muddle the question of what we’re trying to accomplish. As a result, it was sad that he said such a thing.

Politifact HACK: For the past year, that has been the focus of most of our coronavirus fact-checking. There’s already a lot of mystery about COVID-19’s origins. So I’m curious if you’re really convinced that COVID evolved naturally.

Dr. Fauci: No, that was the argument I was making. And I believe that the most regrettable part of Senator Paul’s behavior was that he conflated research with Chinese scientists, which was — you’d almost have to conclude that if we didn’t do that, we’d be almost negligent because SARS-COVI-1 obviously originated in China… So we had to learn a lot about the viruses that were present, as well as whether or not people were being infected with harmful viruses. So, as part of a subcontract as part of a grant, we had a very minor collaboration with some Chinese scientists. And he conflated that with our involvement in the virus’s development.

There you have it.
** The virus could not have developed spontaneously — something Fauci had previously denied ** The US DID FUND CHINESE RESEARCH AT THE WUHAN LABORATORIES ** Under his leadership, the US funded this research through NIH grants.

He said this shortly after accusing Senator Paul of lying about the partnership.

Senator Paul was completely right in his claims during his Senate testimony, as we now know.
Dr. Anthony Fauci also lied under oath, as we now know.

Fauci financed the Wuhan labs that leaked the COVID-19 virus, then shut down the US economy when the virus arrived in the country.
It’s difficult to comprehend how much harm this one man caused our nation — and then lied about it.


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