BREAKING: Energy Secretary Says Housing, College, Eldercare are ‘Infrastructure of Our Lives’

Jennifer Granholm, the Department of Energy Secretary bizarrely claimed that ‘housing, college, and eldercare are a “piece of the infrastructure of our lives’, obviously trying to weigh in the Democrats infrastructure bill!

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“Making housing more affordable. Why isn’t that a piece of the infrastructure of our lives? Making eldercare, why isn’t that a piece of the infrastructure of our lives? Making two-year colleges tuition-free, that’s an important piece of infrastructure, broadly defined!” said the Energy Secretary.

According to Hannity,

“A frustrated reporter grilled Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tuesday over the Biden administration’s massive $3.5 trillion spending package; asking if the White House understands that somebody ultimately has to pay the price for the spending increase.

“Do you guys acknowledge the broader truth that it does cost somebody?? Right? The cost of the investments the president wants to make, they’re not simply a free lunch, right? Whether they’re going to cost people who smoke cigarettes, or businesspeople, or companies, or rich people… The cost of what the President wants to do falls on somebody, right?” asked one reporter.

“There’s a clear difference between what we’re talking about as it relates to taxpayer funds, or funding that would lead to our debt? Right?” deflected the Press Secretary.

This is absolute nonsense, and we’re all aware of that. But, they don’t seem to care… That’s so disrespectful… I personally feel offended. What about you?


Ava Garcia

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