BREAKING: Dr. Robert Malone Reveals CIA Psychological Operation Behind The COVID Hysteria

Why is the government so obsessed with this one specific illness, whose survival rate is 97%?

Beats me!

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But the inventor of the mRNA vaccine approach is so mad about social media censorship, as well as by the fact the government used his vaccine to harm humanity, and he’s now starting to spill it all out on them!

Speaking to radio host Stew Peters, Dr. Robert Malone exposed what he described as a “handshake agreement” psychological operation “managed” by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and their international colleagues in the UK against the American and British populations with regards to the COVID-19 vaccines.

“There’s psyops happening, conflicting ones, all over the globe,” Peters said to Dr. Malone. “This is what I’m really most interested in, I think, hearing from you about because we know that our CIA is involved in psyops.”

Dr. Malone replied, “So here’s the game. The way its playing is that the CIA is managing the psyops for the domestic US government outside of the US borders, and their equivalent colleagues over in the UK are managing the psyops against the United States.”

“So you don’t believe that the CIA is actively involved in getting Americans to agree to get vaccinated through a psyop?” Peters asked.

“They don’t have to,” Dr. Malone said. “It’s a wink-wink, nod-nod, agreement so they have cover, legal cover, because they’re not allowed to do this against the United States, and so what they do is get their buddies in the UK do to it against us, and the folks in the UK aren’t allowed to do it against their people, so we do it against the UK.”

“It’s a handshake agreement,” Dr. Malone said.…pbm2x.1lfbc74?p=2.3&r=93040099&

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