BREAKING: CNN’s “SOTU Flash Poll” Backfires

You’d assume that if you got 82 million votes, you’d be able to comfortably win a CNN poll, right?

“Houston, We Have a Problem…” says the narrator.

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Sure, they have all of the phony and rigged polls to prove that Joe has a 765 percent approval rating – but when they don’t have time to set it up and fudge the figures, the results are drastically different.

Take a look at the CNN flash poll on Joe’s bleak, depressing, and dystopian State of the Union speech.

Joe received lower ratings from a more Democratic audience than President Trump.

Joe received a 51 percent “positive response” to his “SOTU” speech, while President Trump received a 57 percent positive approval rating in 2017.

Things that make you think, don’t they?

Here are some of the responses to the strange flash poll:

“CNN forgot to count the mail in voters”

“I think he mentioned getting people back to work too much. That is not why they voted for him. They are asking where the payments for sitting at home are….”

“Biden’s presidency is like if he had the most follower on Instagram but only get 100 likes and 100 comments. It’s a little suspicious”

“Excuse me the bumbler is very charismatic and received 81MM votes. How can he have gotten a lower positive rating than Trump and Obummer? “

“How could someone with the most votes ever, score so low? Hmmm…. somethings not right… I wonder what it is!”

“So, the heavily democrat group had a more positive response to Trump’s first speech than Biden’s, yet we are supposed to believe Biden “beat” Trump by 7-8 million votes?”

“Have today I’m shocked CNN put that up….NOT socked that he is lower than Trump….he got fewer votes, after all.”


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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