BREAKING: Churches in Canada Will Stay Open – Judge Denied The AG Request

Canada’s churches will stay open, due to any relevant circumstances ted to the whole COVID 19 pandemia.

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Ontario Attorney General’s office requested the churches to shut their doors to their faithful, due to the COVID 19 rules… However, the judge denied this!

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of the Church of God in Aylmer, Ontario, announced the news:

“God still is on his throne and prayer and fasting does move his arm. We thank God this morning that the judge ruled, at least until May 13th, that the doors would remain open and that there will be no fines issued,” said Hildebrandt.

“Whatever it takes, God will help us. God is the supreme judge, and what God does, what God allows is, well, it will be the best for his kingdom. May God help us decide if you would pray, especially for May 13th, when this matter will be before the judge again so that it would be ruled according to what God wants it to be. God bless you. And thank you so very much again for your support and your prayers.”

Hildebrandt also thanked his legal team, as well as the JCCF lawyer Lisa Bildy, stating that she spoke in defense of the church with “very strong words.”

“So we are very thankful, very thankful,” he said. “And thank you for your support and your prayers, the many, many messages you sent. God bless you for that. Please keep on praying that the Lord will help us. It is my utmost desire to preach the gospel, the good news, and bring sinners to Christ in a critical time like we’re living in right now.”


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