BREAKING: Brian Williams: “They’ve Decided To Burn It All Down With Us Inside!”

Since he’s OFF the network, his final remarks are viral at the moment.

But first, let us remember some of his most golden lying moments.

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Business Insider followed the career of Brian closely, commenting the following in Williams, talking whooping directly on the air:

“Flying into Iraq with SEAL Team Six

Williams has said on television multiple times that he flew into Baghdad with the Navy’s SEAL Team Six, which was responsible for carrying out the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, about three days after the US invaded Iraq, according to The Huffington Post. He has also said he received a SEAL’s knife and a piece of the helicopter from the bin Laden raid as gifts.

As far as The Huffington Post could tell, Williams started telling these stories only in 2011, the year bin Laden was killed. Williams reported from the Baghdad airport on April 9, 2003, more than three days after the invasion of Iraq, but he didn’t mention going anywhere with SEAL Team Six, possibly because he was told not to discuss their activities.

Sources who talked to The Huffington Post said these stories seemed implausible, with US Special Operations Command spokesman Ken McGraw saying the organization did not “embed journalists with this or any other unit that conducts counter-terrorism missions.”

NBC has not confirmed whether Williams’ stories about SEAL Team Six are accurate.

Being in Berlin the day the wall fell

Williams said in 2008 that he “was at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down,” but that is most likely an exaggeration, as CNN reports.

Although Williams was in Berlin in 1989 to report on the fall of the Berlin Wall for WCBS-TV in New York, Tom Brokaw was the only American anchorman to report live from the scene the night the wall actually fell on November 9, CNN notes.

Williams has said publicly that he didn’t arrive at the wall until 12 hours after Brokaw, but it seems as if in some retellings of the story he has misspoken about when he actually arrived on the scene.

Meeting the pope

Williams says he met St. John Paul II when the pope spoke at Catholic University’s Washington, D.C., campus in 1979, according to CNN. While delivering the commencement address at Catholic University in 2004, Williams recalled the moment he “shook hands with the holy father” during the pope’s visit to campus.”

Normally, this meme fits perfectly.

Watch his blasting sign-off after 28 years on the network.

What’s your comment?

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