BREAKING: Admins In Maricopa County Never Had Access to Voting Machines

Elections are held at the county level in the United States. This ensures the highest level of oversight to ensure a legal and equitable election process.

Election officials must have full access to the computers and other tools required to complete the election process in order to operate the election properly.

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This includes voting machine administrator control!

During the 2020 election, Maricopa County officials did not have access.

An administrator, according to OpenSource.com, has the following responsibilities:

System managers are vital to an organization’s network operations center and data center’s stable and efficient activity. A sysadmin must be knowledgeable about the system’s underlying platform (Windows, Linux), as well as networking, backup, data restoration, IT protection, database operations, middleware basics, load balancing, and other topics. Sysadmin responsibilities include not only server management, maintenance, and repair, but also any roles that maintain a smooth-running development environment with minimal (or no) customer and end-user complaints.

The county relinquished control of the election process because it lacked administrative access to the voting machines.

And to whom did they hand over control?

System of Dominion Voting!

“Imagine your computer: a lot of people can log in as users, but only a few people can log in as administrators. As a result, when the auditors examined the computers, they did so as if they were users,” Bobb explained on OAN. “And then they got to the point that they wanted the administrative password, and when they contacted the county again, they were forced to admit that they didn’t have it. That is to say, they did not have it in time for the election. That is to say, they did not have any power over the voting machines.”


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