Boston Police Officer Threaten And Harass The Wrong Woman Because Of Vaccine Card! “WE Protect Rights!”

Once an employee from a Boston pizzeria allowed five unvaccinated women to order food and water, the store manager called the police on the group for now showing C-19 vaccination proof.

In a video that was recorded by a woman and streamed on FB live, the shop owner asked the police to eliminate these female groups from his restaurant because they didn’t comply with the latest mandate of the vaccine to enter indoor venues.

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The women remained on their attitude and continued to drink water and eat the pizza they bought while being harassed by the cops.

One of the group. On leave, Shana Cottone, a Boston police sergeant, shamed the officers for choosing money over human rights.

The suspended sergeant and leader of Boston Responders United, a group organized in opposition to the shot mandate, implored her ex-colleagues to do the right thing.

She asked every officer’s name and badge number, telling her she would sue them individually if they persisted in harassing the young girls.

Office Arigonas warned the women, “I am a police officer, and I got called. I am here to talk to you.”
“About what?” Cottone fires back.

“The manager of the establishment says you guys won’t show your vaccination cards,” Arigonas said.

“That’s crap. We don’t show papers,” Cottone maintains.

“Okay, guess what? It’s a private establishment, and that’s what they want. They want to see it. The city mandates it, and if you guys don’t want to show that, you guys can’t sit down. You can do take-out.”

“No. You need to leave,” Cottone argues. “Listen. You better watch what you’re doing because you are walking a very thin line right now. The police are not to be enforcing this mandate. You can take yourself, and you can leave.”

“I am not doing anything,” Arigonas replies.

“You are. You are violating our rights,” the former sergeant chided.

“Imagine on Martin Luther King Day, brother, discriminating against other black people,” a woman recording the exchange laments. “You turn your back on your own people. You’re a nazi.”

“That’s the problem! So, we’re the nazis!” one of the women snaps back. “You decide what part of history you want to be on. ”

“They did the same shit to Rosa Parks, so we’ll park our butts right on the bus,” another woman proclaims.

“If you are not going to stand by your oath, you shouldn’t be on this job. I am enjoying this product that I purchased here, and you’re going to leave me in peace, and you’re going to sue you each individually.”

The sergeant reminded the officers that she was put on leave for protesting C-19 tyranny while another officer, Gino, chose to resign rather than trample on civil rights:

“Violating people’s rights is not how policing is done. We protect people’s rights. We don’t enforce mandates; we protect rights. Anthony, don’t walk away from me because you know you’re doing the wrong thing. You can stand up against it, okay? Gino Fernandez, my classmate, fourteen years, resigned yesterday. He gave his gun and his badge away. They took my gun and my badge a week and a half ago. Gino gave his back yesterday because he is not going to participate in a corrupt system. You guys can do that too, but you’ve bribed my money. You’ve been corrupted by money.” Money will never make you righteous.

This is wrong, guys. You don’t have to do it.” Take your hands out of your vest. That’s not tactically safe, okay?’

“This is the second time today we have been denied service and had the police called on us because we won’t show our papers,” one of the women explained, adding, “Happy Martin Luther King Day.”

Days before the showdown with her ex-colleagues in the pizzeria, Cottone and other demonstrators protested in front of Mayor Wu’s Roslindale home with bullhorns at 7 am.

“Who is the government to tell me I’m not entitled to die?” Cottone told the Boston Globe.

Boston started implementing Mayor Michelle Wu’s citywide vaccine passport mandate on January 15, asking for vaccination proof for people older than 12 to enter indoor venues.

The mandate needs presenting a CDC card, a digital image of a CDC card, a valid ID image for taking at least one dose of the C-19 vaccination.

On February 15, the Dems will ask for vaccination proof for two vaccine doses to enter the indoor venue.


“The best way for Boston to stay healthy and support our communities, our businesses, and cultural institutions are for more people to get vaccinated. The B Together policy helps us do that,” the city’s website states.

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