Booster Shot is an Extermination Weapon, According to a Former Pfizer Vice President

(Source: Natural News) A virus experiment in a laboratory that can’t be questioned or contested bears no similarity to science. “Covid-19 vaccinations” don’t even work like a regular biologic, thus they can’t be called vaccines.

This project was forced into existence through fraud and coercion and did not go through the conventional FDA approval process.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health have repeatedly misled about this laboratory virus experiment, and are now pressuring governments and corporations to make spike protein replication mandatory; so, this is not a transparent or ethical procedure. When this cocktail is injected into the people in the most inhumane way possible,

COVID shots are military weapons used to gain complete control over humans.
It’s past time for the “completely vaccinated” to wake up and recognize that what they’re being subjected to is neither ethical nor scientific. Only five months after being promised “liberty,” the “completely vaccinated” are being told they are insufficient, that they are once again a subhuman species without a functioning and capable immune system.

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According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, the production of covid-19 vaccinations and the anticipated barrage of booster doses has “absolutely NO conceivable explanation.”

Traditional Chinese herbal therapy and long-standing, effective treatments offer a number of solutions for common respiratory infections, such as influenza viruses, enteroviruses like polio, RSV, and coronavirus infections.

However, as public health gatekeepers prevent doctors and nurses from treating people early and saving lives, these treatments have been aggressively challenged, censored, and suppressed across the medical landscape. The booster shot, according to Dr. Yeadon, was coerced into existence and is nothing more than an exterminator.

The immunization program is intended to reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals and population decline.
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla claims that the business has already developed a new vaccine development system capable of mass-producing a fresh mRNA booster every 95 days. “Our scientists are getting their hands around every new variety that comes in the world,” Bourla said. “They’re also looking into whether this variety can evade our vaccine’s protection.”

Around the world, a long list of spike protein sequence variations has been discovered. Now that Pfizer controls the regulatory framework and the government, it’s almost certain that they’ll conduct annual forced tests on the rest of the world.

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“They looked at vaccination rates all across the place, and the different proportions and they came to the conclusion that if more than 25% of the population is vaccinated, a dominant strain will go forward,” McCullough said. This immunization campaign is unmistakably meant to promote medication dependency and population decline.

Former Pfizer scientist warns of impending medical catastrophe:


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