BOMBSHELL: Omicron The Cure For COVID??? Highly Infectious Mutation With MILD Symptoms Will Bring Natural Immunity!

A brilliant, data-driven analyst, Steve Kirsch made an enormous wave on Substack with his articles about coronavirus vaccines. Natural News interviewed him, and he dropped a bombshell in the interview.

Omicron, the latest mutation, makes unusual but very mild symptoms. It is also very infections, following a typical path of viral host adaptation. Everyone would choose Omicron if one person had to decide between the variants.

Kirsch was right on the money. The variant spreads very fast, but the symptoms it creates are very mild. It seems that the variant, even though the MSM widely hypes it, may have finally reached a seasonal flu status in terms of its relatively mild impact on humans.

Omicron may be the cure for C-19. It seems that this will put an end to the C-19 pandemic without the vaccines, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns.

Omicron should sweep through the population without deaths. The world would be immune to the virus, and that way will stop the global madness.

Pfizer will lose millions if the vaccine is being eliminated, and Big Pharma will have reduced profits.

If Omicron is the cure, we will understand why the government stops the world from traveling. They want to stop the spread.

People will understand that the governments want to stop the spread of the virus because that way, the population will have Immunity, and the vaccines will be completely useful. The Delta virus is more dangerous than the new mutation because many deaths are reported.

From this, we can conclude that the vaccine is a pandemic. Vaccinated people are full of spike protein bioweapons, and the mRNA instructions for their bodies to manufacture those spike protein nanoparticles, so they suffer side events and death. The deaths are classified as covid deaths when the real culprit is the vaccines themselves.

American Heart Association’s Circulation journal shared that the mRNA C-19 shots “dramatically increase inflammatory endothelial markers” and “may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Pfizer’s post-marketing experience documents released by the FDA clarified that the FDA knew in 2021 that the vaccine was killing people!

Natural Immunity is the only solution to a covid pandemic, and vaccines can’t replace the human immune response.

Natural Immunity is the unique permanent solution to this situation. The vaccines are a disaster, and the EU now recommends a third booster shot every three months. What does this show?

The vaccines will lose their efficacy in 3 months, and people would have to take another one. Also, they won’t stop the transmission, and they don’t prevent the infection. Currently, the vaccinated people are filling the hospitals.

That’s why we say to let the population get infected with Omicron, pass it with mild symptoms, and get that natural Immunity.

However, we suggest the globalist’s worst nightmare, the bioweapon, has adapted to become non-scary and easily beaten without vaccines.

The leaders now have to promote vitamin D, zinc, and other vitamins, ending mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and allow Omicron to take over the people.

Take a look at the video below:

Natural News Brighteon

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