BO POLNY: It’s a Scorching Summer, and a 90-Degree Moment is Looming…the Protractor of Time!

Last week, Bo Polny returned to my program, and as we were wrapping up, I told him that I thought it was the best interview we’d ever done.

I know some of you are getting antsy while you wait, but Bo broke it all down for us and showed us where we are in the season.

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We’re about to reach the apex of the crescendo, and our world will never be the same after that.

Bo taught me that God has the power to do anything he wants at any time!

In fact, there are several “suddenly” moments in the Bible.

Moments of such magnitude and rapid, apparently unthinkable shifts can only come from God.

We’re in the midst of the season, and the big moment is approaching…in a matter of days.

Bo also showed a clip from Kim Clement that is currently playing out in front of our eyes.

And here’s something I didn’t know until some of you informed me in the video comments….

Kim Clement’s prophecy was issued seven years ago, on the 14th of June, President Trump’s birthday!

You can’t make something like this up.

According to Clement, the collapse will bring many tremendous “falls”…people in high places unexpectedly falling from their lofty positions in epic and unparalleled ways.

Falling systems.

Strongholds are crumbling.

The Deep State is collapsing.

Oh, and then there’s Trump.

This year, to be exact.

The rebuilding begins in November, and you’ll need a BUILDER if you’re going to do it.

That brings us to #45.


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