Bloomberg Reporter Just Exposed Biden’s Official Daily Schedule, The Internet Went Wild

Joe Biden’s daily schedule was photographed and posted on Twitter by a Bloomberg reporter.

Both the left and the right chimed in, of course.

People on the left were ecstatic about Grandpa Joe’s achievements. They believe he is a busy little bee who accomplishes so much for the American people.

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How naive can you get?

Jordan Fabian, a Bloomberg reporter, shared a few things from his schedule, with the “proceed to Oval Office” being the most common.

Is Joe going to be informed when it’s time to “proceed” somewhere?

Joe seems to be being herded about like a bumbling ding-a-ling.

Here are some of the things people have said about Joe’s schedule:

“name & address on his underwear?”

“Nothing there about having important meetings or making many phone calls?”

“they have to tell him to proceed to Oval Office?”

“Lol cute schedule for demented Joe. Gotta make sure he lines out each one, so he knows what’s next.”

“How long are the Democrats going to ignore that Biden has dementia??? As long as Obama & Rice are pulling the puppet strings I’m guessing a long time.”

“What a sweet gig! Joe Biden starts work around 10:00 am and in bed before the sun goes down!”

“Can’t keep track of himself – is there a note ‘if found please return to’?”

“where’s the diaper change?”

“And he still gets confused even when it’s all written down for him.”

“There is no President Biden.”

“There is no official nap time so I assume he sleeps at every meeting.”

“He should be napping now”

“So pitiful”

“He is prop”

“my patients in the dementia unit have schedules like this as well”

“1:45 PM -Take Meds 1:55 PM- Take nap”

“Wow. Unreal. It just gets more and more depressing.”

“Just glad there was no steps on that list. Otherwise he might never have gotten through his day without another embarrassing event. But there’s still time left in the day! Here’s hoping!”


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