BLASTING NEW EVIDENCE: Dr. Fauci Prevented Proven Treatment Of Covid – Will He And CDC Be The Ones To Blame For The Death Rate In America?!

Since the circle is going really tight around Dr. Fauci, we gotta keep asking the important questions we were asking all along.

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But the time has come and it is now! He is not as strong, and all of his lies are finally going to fall down like a house of cards, showing all his naked shallow actions. But, he might be taking down others with him as well…

According to a previous report by The Gateway Pundit,

“On December 15th my dear friend Eric found out he had contracted coronavirus at his nursing home. Eric was kept in isolation in his assisted living apartment since March when the pandemic made its way to the US despite the historic efforts by the American president. But after nine months there was an outbreak at his nursing home and Eric caught the virus.

Eric was 81-years-old, he was overweight, diabetic, and was suspected of having Parkinson’s Disease. Eric was in poor health and declining before the virus, he was the exact type of person you would want to protect from this virus that is lethal for seniors and less lethal than the seasonal flu with children and young adults.

When I spoke with Eric he said he felt fine. I asked him what medications he was on since his diagnosis with the coronavirus. I asked him if he was on any prophylactics to assist his recovery from the virus. Eric said their plan was to wait and see. The nursing home did not give ANY medications for coronavirus unless the patient starts to experience symptoms. How could it be that after nine months and over 300,000 related deaths (at that time) that the medical community had NOTHING for seniors and the obese to help them before the disease could advance and take their life?

Two weeks later when I returned from a trip I heard Eric’s condition had worsened. A day later they put Eric in the hospital. And two days later, on December 31, my dear friend Eric Junger died. He was 81.”

It’s been more than a year since the COVID 19 stroke, and we have tried all desperate measurements – from lockdowns, social distancing, cancelling of all the events that made us social human beings, wore masks, sanitized etc. And still nothing – the death rate is still very high.

This is only because the CDC and Dr. Fauci have ignored the proper treatment of the coronavirus.

This is criminal conduct. How many hundreds of thousands of deaths can be blamed on Dr. Fauci and the CDC?

There is now a new study and the results are SHOCKING!
— HCQ for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 245 studies

Covid Analysis (Preprint) (meta analysis – not included in study count)
HCQ for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 245 studies
• 100% of the 29 early treatment studies report a positive effect (13 statistically significant in isolation).
• Random effects meta-analysis with pooled effects using the most serious outcome reported shows 64% improvement for the 29 early treatment studies (RR 0.36 [0.25-0.50]). Results are similar after exclusion based sensitivity analysis: 66% (RR 0.34 [0.26-0.46]), and after restriction to 21 peer-reviewed studies: 65% (RR 0.35 [0.27-0.47]). Restricting to the 6 RCTs shows 46% improvement (RR 0.54 [0.33-0.86]). Restricting to the 13 mortality results shows 72% lower mortality (RR 0.28 [0.18-0.43]).

• Late treatment is less successful, with only 71% of the 166 studies reporting a positive effect. Very late stage treatment is not effective and may be harmful, especially when using excessive dosages.

• The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 245 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 1 quadrillion (p = 0.0000000000000008).

• 87% of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for early, PrEP, or PEP treatment report positive effects, the probability of this happening for an ineffective treatment is 0.0037.

• There is substantial evidence of bias towards publishing negative results. 85% of prospective studies report positive effects, and only 72% of retrospective studies do. Studies from North America are 3.4 times more likely to report negative results than studies from the rest of the world combined, p = 0.0000000066.

• Negative meta-analyses of HCQ generally choose a subset of trials, focusing on late treatment, especially trials with very late treatment and excessive dosages.

• While many treatments have some level of efficacy, they do not replace vaccines and other measures to avoid infection. Only 5% of HCQ studies show zero events in the treatment arm.

• Elimination of COVID-19 is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all current and future variants. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used. Not doing so increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage.

• All data to reproduce this paper and the sources are in the appendix. See [Ladapo, Prodromos, Risch, Risch (B)] for other meta-analyses showing efficacy when HCQ is used early.

These numbers are astounding!

** Hydroxychloroquine worked on COVID-19 last spring.
** Hydroxychloroquine worked on COVID-19 last fall.
** Hydroxychloroquine worked on COVID-19 last winter.
** Hydroxychloroquine works on COVID-19 today.

Dr. Fauci and the CDC banned HCQ as a treatment for coronavirus.
They lied about its effects and the dangers…

And you gotta ask yourself – is the political elite and the people running the country and the world (such as WHO) actually politizing the numbers and the COVID situation?!

And, to this day, there is still no (proper) treatment found – and we know that it is a treatable disease, it is nothing like HIV. Though, the problem here is the inability to agree upon the best treatment, for young and for senior citizens. And obviously, the deeper rooted reason is money and politics. Thus – benefit for the higher masses over the sick and dying of the average and poor citizens…

Doesn’t seem much like the 21st century, advanced democratic ruling system when you put it this way. Does it?!


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