Blagojevich Is Going To Spill All The Dirt On The Dems Establishment

After Former Governor of Ilinois, ex-Democrat Rod Blagojevich was betrayed by his own party, and President Trump came to his rescue, he is currently walking on a warpath.

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He was impeached and accused of trying to sell former President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat while he was governor, among other charges. He was serving 7 years of a 14-year sentence in a Colorado federal prison when President Trump commuted his sentence and granted him clemency.

Now, he’s speaking out, explaining how the Dems tried to keep him in jail because the Democrat establishment is “afraid of what he knows” and “what [he] will say soon.”

According to the original Breitbart report, “The main charges surrounding the accusation were eventually vacated by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, though his sentence remained notably lengthy, and his request for Supreme Court review of his case was rejected twice. Former President Trump was his final hope, and in a highly controversial move, Trump commuted his sentence. Blagojevich went home on February 18, 2020, to his wife and children, and his supervised release officially ended in June 2021.”

“J.B. called Trump not once, but twice, joining with most Republicans to say, ‘Keep him in, don’t let him out. Keep him in, don’t let him out,’” he told the attendees, his voice echoing and his hands moving excitedly as he recounted the story.

“….Why did he do it? ” he continued, before foreshadowing his willingness to expose the underbelly of his former party:

What do you think about all of this?


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