“Black Lives Matter” Speaks About Its Finances – Nothing Positive!!!

In a recent report, Black Lives Matter’s radical Marxist foundation speaks about the finances.

Black Lives Mattes was associated with numerous movements worldwide. The people used it to raise awareness about lingering racial disparities, especially in America. Marxists founded this radical organization.

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This organization was harshly pressured to share how they spent the money from “charity contributions.”
The AP said that this is the first time, in the history of the organization Black Lives Matter, that its leaders explained their finances in detail.

BLM organization lasts nearly eight years.

During the last year, the BLM Global Network Foundation raised $90 million. It was a shocking “financial snapshot,” and they shared it as exclusive information with The Associated Press.

Also, the organization shared that they are currently building infrastructure “to catch up to the speed of its funding.” – The Associated Press.

The group also wants to experience progress. And to be worldwide known for something more than a protest after Black Americans died in the police’s hands.
“We want to uplift Black joy and liberation, not just Black death. We want to see Black communities thriving, not just surviving,” – The Associated Press shared.

The AP shared:

“It caused longstanding tensions to boil over between some of the movement’s grassroots organizers and national leaders, and some even came forward with grievances about financial transparency, decision-making, and accountability.”

Regarding the report published by the AP, we can learn a little about the balance sheets:

  • The organization stated that they committed $21.7 million in grant funding to official and unofficial Black Lives Matter chapters and 30 Black-led local organizations.
  • The BLM organization ended 2020 with more than a $60 million balance. They only spent a quarter of the assets on grant funds, charitable giving.

There were also individual donations through the fundraising platform. We couldn’t possibly know who donated the money in 2020. Also, the leaders refused to tell the names of the leading donors.

Black Lives Matter’s local organizations continuously asked for transparency from the BLM foundation.

The Black Lives Matter foundation is asking for better economic justice. They told the AP that in 2021, economic justice would be their primary focus. Because the pandemic outbreak has had a massive impact on Black communities.

Trending Politics published the main, among numerous, concerns about Black Lives Matter Global Network:

– According to audited financial statements, Thousand Currents, BLM Global Network gave millions on consultants, travel, and compensation for its garniture starting from July 2017 to June 2019.
– 6% of the BLM Global Network spending was in grants for various organizations.
– Kailee Scales, BLMGN Managing Director, said that the numbers don’t represent a precise reflection of the organization’s in-kind support provided to the local BLM chapters.
– The Managing Director also said that the organization doesn’t take responsibility for preparing the financial statement.

The BLM foundation is one of those radical organizations that exploits grievances for economic and political gain.

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