Bizarre Conspiracy Theory by Keith Olbermann: Trump Killed Ashli Babbitt!

The washed-up sports reporter and fired pundit from MSNBC wants to ride the “Trump fame horse” to get back in the center of attention!

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“This is a fatal mistake, for groups like Patriot Front, have been given license by Trump and have been emboldened by Trump, and they will not go away until we make them go away,” Olbermann said cryptically.

“And what makes them especially dangerous now is not just that they delusionally believe Trump will somehow be restored to the presidency next month,” he went on. “It’s that Trump is now demanding the identity of the peace officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, one of the terrorists who attacked the Capitol during Trump’s last coup attempt,” Olbermann added.

“He wants the name unmasked so that his worshippers can try to kill the officer, just as they wanted to kill Mike Pence,” he added. “Donald Trump is not, in the functioning sense of the term, a human being. To him, only his needs matter, only he exists.”

“The worst of his followers, like Patriot Front, agree with him,” he said. “In point of fact, of course, if Donald Trump were to unmask the person responsible for killing Ashli Babbitt, he would be unmasking himself. Ashli Babbitt was killed by Donald Trump as sure as if Trump pulled the trigger, as will whoever gets killed when the Patriot Front scum inevitably reach that point.”

Watch the video that Olbermann posted in a totally non-sensical post on Twitter: “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY”


Ava Garcia

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