Biotech Analyst Issues Terrifying Warning: “DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO INJECT YOUR CHILDREN”

No matter how many boosters they try to push out, you definitely knew it wasn’t going to stop with the hazardous injections known as “Covid-19 vaccinations.”

They claim that the mRNA technology utilized in these vaccinations might be used to develop vaccines for diseases that have never been vaccinated previously.

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Cancer, HIV, and a variety of other diseases are just a few examples. And once those vaccines are in place, regulations are almost certain to follow, even though we’re still learning new things about this lethal mixture that they’re still attempting to shove into every willing or unwilling arm they can find.

Karen Kingston is a medical device and pharmaceutical analyst. She is familiar with the FDA process, and the FDA approach employed for the ostensibly newly-approved Pfizer vaccine irritates her.

You may view the FDA’s acceptance letter and supporting papers online right now, along with everyone else. As a citizen of the United States, you have that right.

However, you won’t be able to read anything in the letters. The FDA has censored a large portion of it. What are the vaccine’s mRNA components? You can’t see them right now, and Kingston claims that the vaccine’s reported mRNA has been modified numerous times.

Watch the video below:


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