Bill Maher Makes a Confession on The Truth About “Russiagate”

Despite the fact that hard facts, numerous hearings, and witness testimony have long since shown that presidential candidate Donald Trump did not ‘collude’ with Mother Russia to ‘steal’ the 2016 election, many on the left, as well as Democratic Party members, refused to believe it.

They continued to say, at least publicly, that Trump was ‘Putin’s boy’ and that the two of them were plotting to take over America and run it like oligarchs in the Old Country.

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Mind you, none of that nonsense was real. There isn’t a single syllable in it. In reality, by calling for and financing a massive reconstruction and expansion of the US military, Trump was tougher on Russia than previous administrations and definitely more so than his predecessor, Barack Obama. Certainly, a more powerful American military would not be beneficial to Moscow.

Despite this, the deluded continued to believe in the lie — dare we call it “The Big Lie” — and many still do.

However, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher, one of the original Russia truthers, has left the bandwagon.

Bill Maher, the host of “Real Time,” made a rare admission about the Russia collusion theory that he supported during Trump’s presidency.

For years, Maher, like many other liberal news outlets and late-night comedians, promoted the conspiracy that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election, even calling then-President Trump a “traitor” for what he saw as Trump’s preferential treatment of Russia following its election meddling.

During the panel discussion on Friday night, however, Maher brought up the topic of “Russiagate” when discussing the FBI raid on Trump ally Rudy Giuliani.

“Was it political retaliation, or is it politics, or is it because what Giuliani and Trump did was unprecedented?” That’s what I’d say,” Maher started.

Leftist author Thomas Frank said the Giuliani raid wasn’t “unprecedented,” but went on to say that “a lot of those guys went to prison” at the end of Nixon’s presidency (yeah, but they committed actual crimes).

“Did they, however, collaborate with other countries?” Maher inquired. “I believe we engage in dirty politics, but we have always had one rule: no ringers, keep it in the family, do what you want, but don’t bring in the Russian guy….” Look, a lot of what we discovered or are discovering was recorded incorrectly.”

“Are you referring to Russiagate?” Frank was the one who inquired.

“Yes!” exclaimed Maher.

Maher went on to say that Trump was “both a fool and a lunatic” (despite the fact that he secured the highest elected office on the planet on his first try and with no prior political experience), but that his rhetoric about Russia was not a thinly veiled effort to mask any deeper, darker, sinister alliance.

“We felt it had to be something of a conspiracy,” she says. “It’s possible that the majority of it was just what he did in public,” Maher added.



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