Bill Gates’ Nightmare Is Reality! A Major Sea Change Against The Story! [WATCH]

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated that the citizens against C-19 mandates and forces vaccines were a too-small minority.

While he was speaking on the Freedom Convoy that took over Ottawa, the movement to stand against government overreach and the mandates that didn’t do anything to stop the C-19 spread was growing.

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Jefferey Jaxen confessed that people aren’t turning away from the C-19 mandates, but the overall support for mandatory vaccines for children to attend school is dwindling.

The High Wire, Jaxen, a journalist and investigative journalist and writer, emphasized that Microsoft founder Bill Gates pointed to the shift in public perception regarding the C-19 and how the organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies reacted.

Jaxen explained: “Basically, you’re looking at 63%, roughly, [who] want an allowance of a medical exemption [or a] religious exemption. We have 28% [who] want no vaccination laws at all. This is a major sea change here, and it’s what Bill Gates’ nightmare has been all about.”

“This was an interesting test of people’s trust in their politicians or their health system. We didn’t do as well as I would have expected.” Gates said.

But the general public is eager to move past the pandemic and all the turmoil and anguish. It costs; it seems that the Dems and big pharma aren’t done yet.

Nancy Pelosi called for the Biden admin to grant $45 billion for C-19 help, and it’s a drastic shift in the $15.6 billion proposed by the GOP.

Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, pushed for a 4th jab, saying, “Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now. The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths. It’s not that good against infections.”

One user commented, “Gates is an evil guy and needs to be arrested, tried, and convicted of crimes against humanity; the proof is everywhere. What twisted minds these people have.”

Another person noted, “We’re definitely not thru this when in CA, we have Democrats writing bills to have employers force their employees to take the jab, even tho the SC just ruled it was unconstitutional & a bill that would allow 12-year-olds to take it without parental consent, bills requiring all children who attend public & private schools to have the jab, a bill that would take away all exemptions, a bill that would take away a doctor’s license for giving informed consent & another bill that would make it illegal to put out “misinformation”! These people in CA are INSANE!”


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