Bill Gates And Synthetic Meat – What’s The Catch?

Why he’s in the race to own such a huge part of the American food supply market?

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Haven’t you ever really wondered about this?

According to the latest data, Bill Gates now owns about 242,000 acres of farmland. He is also supporting and promoting genetically modified goods, such as meat. But now, he wants to switch all-natural meat to synthetically produced meat in a laboratory!

Allegedly, his excuse is that by eliminating livestock, we would reduce emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas.

However, the notion that livestock is a significant source of methane only applies to animals raised in concentrated animal feeding operations, where they are fed an inappropriate diet of transgenic grains.

According to the report published by Technology Review,

“This does not apply to grazing animals raised on a species-appropriate diet of grasses.

So, in reality, a much more sustainable and healthy response would be to move away from concentrated animal feeding operations and return to integrated herd management systems, which are an important part of regenerative agriculture, as livestock grazing optimizes soil quality and improves crop quality and quantity.

It should be clear that Gates is not suggesting a slight reduction in meat consumption: he wants us to move to a diet of 100% synthetic beef.”

So, another capitalistic reason from the great humanitarian philanthropist?!


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