BIG UPDATE: Tired of Messing With the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Arizona Senate Passes Bill Granting Them Right to Subpoena Records

This Thursday the Arizona Senate made a position that showed they aren’t messing around anymore – they updated the state’s law, giving the Maricopa County Board an unwanted position.

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A fight between these two has been going on for a while now – the Arizona Senate has been dodged, sued, blocked and delayed by the Maricopa County, but they finally decided to give a fight back.

As was said before: “after being subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate and then suing the Senate to prevent a Senate audit of their 2020 election results, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) agreed to have an audit if they could pick the auditors. The two firms they picked they claimed were the only two who were certified by the governmental body the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC). However, we found that these firms were not certified at the time they were selected by the MCBOS.”

And as we reported on Friday, the audits were unprofessional in other areas as well – “The bill amends a portion of the Arizona statutes such that county election equipment, systems and records, and other information that is under the control of county personnel “may not be deemed privileged information, confidential information, or other information protected from disclosure.” It also subjects such records to a subpoena and stipulates that they “must be produced” and the legislature’s authority to conduct related probes “may not be infringed by any other law.”

It’s passed a long time and the MCBOS did everything they could. Let’s just hope that the Senate wont subpoena the ballots from the previous 2020 elections, and audit all the exact ballots in the Maricopa County, to identify the true results.


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