Big Time Lawyer Claims Maxine Waters Handed Derek Chauvin a Golden Ticket

Is someone more capable of inciting aggression and discord than Maxine Waters?

She’s filthy – a woman who acts as a “poverty pimp,” representing a poor and hopeless minority district while living in a gated mansion in a “white neighborhood.”

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And she calls on her low-information zombie followers to rise up and wreak havoc and damage on others whenever she gets the chance.

Maxine Waters is back at it again. This time, though, it could be much worse.

Waters went to Minneapolis and essentially started a riot.

On Saturday, after the death of Daunte Wright, California Representative Maxine Waters joined demonstrators in Minnesota as the protests entered their seventh night.

Waters told demonstrators at Brooklyn Center that she would fight for their rights and encouraged them to “get more confrontational” – just one day after the demonstrations turned violent.

‘I am dissatisfied that we have spent so much time talking about police reform,’ Waters said. In the Derek Chauvin courtroom, she said, ‘We’re hoping for a guilty verdict.’ ‘If we don’t, we won’t be able to leave.’

Waters was heard saying, “We gotta stay on the street,” adding that demonstrators should “get more confrontational” and ignore the curfew in effect.

Her remarks sparked outrage on social media.

Rick Santella tweeted, “Of course she’ll get away with doing that when everyone else would’ve been thrown in jail.”

‘Good grief girl, leave get out of here,’ said another guy.

Waters has also been accused of’stirring people up again with her calls for abuse,’ according to one person.

Well, according to high-profile conservative attorney Robert Barnes, what Maxine has just done, while a trial is still going on in the city where the verdict will be delivered, has given Derek Chauvin a very powerful appeal.

“The judge made a mistake by holding the trial in Minneapolis,” Barnes said. Chauvin has just received a powerful appeal from Mad Max. “#ChauvinTrial” is a hashtag used to refer to it.


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